Emotional Return for Rep. Youngblood after Near-Death Illness

An emotional arrival for Montserrado County District #9 Rep. Munah Pelham Youngblood, at the Roberts International Airport

-Returns as Evangelist

Hundreds of supporters of Montserrado County District # 9 Representative Munah Pelham-Youngblood, in dominant white T-shirt, with the inscriptions “Welcome Home, the Devil is Liar” and a thanksgiving song  in their mouths “Lord, You are too much” stormed the RIA in appreciation of her return into the country.

It has been rumored twice on social media as well as within the country of the deaths of Rep. Youngblood who was in India, to seek advanced medical treatment. Gossips widely said she was poisoned, and had a large stomach before going India.

Rumormongers posted on social media, with her pictures, and wrote “Rest in Peace” and “Why, So Soon?” which went viral and caught the attentions of thousands of Liberians, including President George M. Weah, who was later informed, Rep. Youngblood still lives, by her mother, Mrs. Elizabeth S. Pelham.

In a white gown apparel, Rep. Youngblood happily but speechlessly departed the terminal of the RIA and greeted hundreds of supporters, as a ‘triumphant entry’ with placards: “Welcome Home, the Devil is Liar.”

Rep. Munah P. Youngblood

She burst into tears upon her return yesterday – July 18 since her departure on April 25.

“I am grateful, I just want the thank God Almighty that I am alive. I went to India and I am back, but others went there and they didn’t come back,” Rep. Munah said.

It may be recalled that, in 2016, Lofa County District #1 Representative Eugene Fallah Kparkar died in India. Reports said he died after having been on life support when he underwent bone marrow operations.

Even though, Rep. Youngblood did not reveal the nature of her medical condition, but it seems she was poisoned, because prior to her arrival at RIA, Special Assistant Frank Fokos, announced: “There is no touching, no hugging. We don’t want any problem again.”

“She has reduced, you can know from her body, skin, eyes and mouth, that she went through and escaped death,” Beatrice Nah, a follower of Rep. Youngblood said.

At age 28 years old in 2011, Youngblood was elected as Representative of Montserrado County District #9; and at age 34, in 2017, she was reelected.  She is currently the the Chairperson on House’s Executive Committee.

The Montserrado County lawmaker earned her BSC in Mass Communication and a master’s degree International Relations, both from the University of Liberia. She is married to Dr. Raymond Youngblood, and have a daughter, Sarafina Youngblood.

Meanwhile, a prayer service, known as a “Thanksgiving Service in honor of the miraculous return of Hon. Munah Pelham Youngblood” was held in the Christ Pavilion Ministries International (Wonders of Praise Chapel) in Larkpazee

Special prayers were offered by Pastor Emmanuel K. Nyumah and the church and Pastor Alvin S. Dahn gave the exhortation.

Mrs. Pelham, said the crowd which came to greet her daughter, reminded her about the burial of her late husband, Col. Walter Maxwell Pelham, Sr., a former senior official of the Liberia National Police (LNP) and the Lone Star football team.

In her testimony, Youngblood said she went to hospitals in Liberia, Ghana and Ivory Coast, but was not recovering. While seeking treatment in those neighboring countries, she changed her arrival three times and before deciding to go to India.

“Tears rolled down my cheeks on one of the operations, and l spent hours to recover,” Rep. Youngblood said.

“I want to thank Jesus Christ, who is the referee, linesmen, player and everything for me being alive,” she said. She furthered confessed of born again and received Jesus Christ as her personal Lord and Savior.

She also said, through anointing oil, she has attempted  to cure one Mr. Stanley Johnson from Sinoe County, but God spoke to her that he will not live after she heard from God.

“Whoever made me sick, God use you to make me a refinery. I was dead and came back,” Rep. Youngblood said. “God has given me long life and power.”

She quoted over 10 Bible scriptures.

“I also want to thank the President, members of the House of Representatives and the Liberian Senate as well as supporters for their prayers and concern.”


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