Horton Gives Reasons for Endorsing Boakai


An eminent Liberian with a significant record of service in government and non-governmental institutions has endorsed Unity Party (UP) standard bearer Joseph Boakai and vice standard bearer Emmanuel Nuquay as the right people to succeed the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf regime.

Francis L. M. Horton, otherwise referred to as “Chu-Chu,” made his intention clear to the media yesterday at his Old Road residence.

Mr. Horton served as deputy governor of the Central Bank (formerly National Bank of Liberia), chairman of Liberia Telecommunications Corporation, vice president of Jaycees International, among others.

He identified numerous points, which he believes must be attributes of a person to lead Liberia after President Sirleaf.

According to him, besides being a natural born citizen of Liberia, anyone wishing to be president must be be imbibed with moral and ethical attributes that characterize a person of honesty, sincerity, kindness, forgiveness and understanding. The candidate must have moral and ethical attributes that must be espoused in their behavior and family life, within the community, and in their political and civil pursuits and involvements as well as in the workplace and social environment.

He added that candidates must be principled, disciplined and sober minded. He sees the Boakai-Nuquay ticket as the best option that he and his family are supporting because, he said, it is the “first among equals.”

Additionally, Mr. Horton named experience in private and public sector management, respect for customs, traditions and culture; nationalism and patriotism as other attributes  needed in a person that must be elected President of Liberia.

His standard for a person to be elected to the presidency encompasses avoidance of corruption, fear of God, religious freedom and belief in the global concept of “One world.”

Mr. Horton said though the National Elections Commission (NEC) has qualified all the candidates that will contest the election, who he said are competent, he nonetheless sees the Joseph Boakai-Emmanuel Nuquay ticket as the right one.

With respect to how well he knows Boakai, Horton said he and the Vice President at one point served as legal counsel and president of Jaycees, respectively.

“I found Mr. Boakai to be an astute and responsible person; unassuming and effectively diligent,” he said.

Because of Nuquay’s hard work and commitment marked by discipline and passion, his colleagues saw it befitting to elect him as Speaker of the House of Representatives, Horton observed.

People are saying a lot about Boakai and Nuquay during the campaign, but Horton said he is yet to hear their connection to any unethical practices that are contrary to the values he outlined as attributes of leaders that should be elected.

Mr. Horton is the chairman of the Board of Deacons at the Saint Simon Baptist Church. He also operates the Operation Mass Support (OpMASS), his church’s choir.

With about 25 members of his group in attendance at the declaration, Horton called on them to rise up on Saturday, September 16, to march and demonstrate support at the launch of Boakai’s campaign in Monrovia.


  1. Excellent! Thanks; Hon. Horton, you are indeed a man of keen judgment. J.Nyumah Boakai is a man of the “VAST MAJORITY” of The Liberian People; for the “VAST MAJORITY” of the Liberian People. To vote for JNB, is not DIVISIVENESS. It’s FAIRNESS/COHESIVENESS and most importantly, “PROGRESS FOR LIBERIA”.

  2. NB. A President, J.Nyumah Boakai will serve all of Liberia’s Peoples well. His, is a “POLICY of INCLUSION”; no CITIZEN left out, equal opportunities for all committed and hard working MEN and WOMEN of LIBERIA. That’s the kind of Liberia We Deserve.

  3. These old elites coming out of the woodworkto secure their gravy. In the day this man would not have looked Boakai way but now the economy is rough and everybody want their cut. And if he endorse Boakai so what? Nobody cares.

    • He’s right – Boakai is the best choice.
      You claiming Mr. Horton looking for job, you must be kidding me. This man is retired and he has done a lot for Liberia, but he’s just be honest….

  4. Some people tend to have blind loyalty and do not allow the fact to prevail, so they find themselves in the rein of shortsightedness and with low vision.
    Chu-Chu is a smart cookie and a sound Liberian with vast experience in government. He knows Boakai well and he is of good character.
    This is why Boakai is fit to be President, he is a man that has no Beef with anyone. He has and continued to be a Humbled and caring man.
    He is clean and has never triumphed over the rights of others. You do not find him having the slightest moment of arguing or hating anyone.
    We need someone that will love and care for all the counties of Liberia. Integrating all the political subdivisions of Liberia. He has the passion for his people and country.
    We do not want people that will start to eliminate their political opponents. We do not need Rulers but a leader. He has real love for this country and I can promise you as a Liberian, Boakai will lead us to glory.


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