‘Embrace Culture of Peace, Denounce Violence’

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Liberia's Culture Ambassador, Juli Endee

– Culture Ambassador Juli Endee

Ahead of the November 7 presidential runoff election, Cultural Ambassador Juli Endee has cautioned Liberians to embrace the culture of peace and denounce the culture of violence.
The culture of peace is cardinal to maintaining the peace “we have been enjoying for the past 12 years,”  she observed in a statement following the successful conduct of the October 10 polls, which ended without violence.

Liberians are now determined and are no longer willing to do anything negative that may disrupt “our hard earned peace process,” said Endee.

Speaking on the UNMIL Radio ‘Coffee Break’ program recently, she lauded Liberians for the high level of maturity exhibited during the October 10 polls, adding that it has shown to the world that “Liberians mean business in making the difference in our emerging democracy.”

She also commended the Liberian government and its international partners for the level of support to the National Elections Commission (NEC) for the successful conduct of the first round of the elections.

‘‘Even though there were lots of irregularities and administrative issues during the  elections as many observers reported, it ended with peace, which has been our major concern, she said, adding I think the NEC deserves a hand of applause.’’

Madam Endee, who is also the executive director for the Crusaders for Peace – Liberia, said her vision for Liberia is to see Liberians living in peace at all times.

It may be recalled that prior to the conduct of the October 10 elections, the ambassador in collaboration with other peace groups initiated a peace program aimed at teaching Liberians how to conduct themselves during the October 10 elections, which, according to her, yielded  good results with the elections ending in peace.

She also said “it is important to know that peace is not an event, but a process; and so, anything that is a process, the dividend will be seen in its action and reality. During the peace initiative, the program targeted various communities beginning with Soul Clinic, Clara Town and other communities in Nimba County.”

She, meanwhile, disclosed that plans are underway to intensify the peace initiative across the country in anticipation of the November 7 presidential run-off. We are currently working with other stakeholders and peace groups under the Peace Action Networks in order to continue the peace building process in Liberia. There is a need to go into the communities and let the people take up their own responsibility. Our aim is when we leave the community the peace can be maintained.’’

The peace initiative which, according to Endee, is a continuous event, will conclude by next year’s International Day of Peace, stating that every year they celebrate the ‘Ku-Ka-Tuh-Nuh Peace Festival.’

“It is not an easy thing to bring people together because there are activities for the celebration of the festival; the festivity is a conclusion of every peace event in the year,” she added.

Ambassador Endee disclosed that in November the organization is expected to host a peace jamboree aimed at bringing Liberians together again and saying ‘‘Elections will go, but we’ll remain Liberians; leaders will also go, Liberia will remain our common identity.’’


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