‘Embrace our Vision’

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    The General Manager of the regional transmission company, Mohammed M. Sherif, has urged participants who underwent a three-day intensive training in Social Safeguard and Environmental Assistance to embrace the vision, mission and core values of TRANSCO CLSG to ensure productivity.

    TRANSCO CLSG is a regional transmission company for La Cote d’Ivoire, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea respectively.

    The training brought together 12 participants including one Environmental Assistant and two Social Safeguard Assistants from each of the three countries.

    It was organized by the management of TRANSCO CLSG and headed by the Director of Project Implementation Unit (PIU), Etienne Bailey, and donors and was intended to train the Environmental and Social Safeguard Assistants so that they better understand the process that will help them coordinate the activities of the environmental and social component.

    Mr. Sherif said lessons learned from the training would enable the participants to work closely with other key stakeholders to achieve the objectives of the project.

    “We expect you to work very hard in your respective roles. Remember that we cannot fail,” he cautioned the participants.

    He further challenged them to create awareness on administrative policies and procedures of TRANSCO CLSG, and to establish a platform for sharing experience and strategies for the implementation of the Environmental and Social Plan Management (ESMP) and the Resettlement Action Plan (RAP).

    According to a dispatched from Abidjan, Mr. Sherif said he has no doubt that the Assistants will perform the task they were hired to do. “You are experts. I have a dynamic team. So welcome on board.”

    TRANSCO CLSG has been working with authorities in the CLSG countries to establish national and local committees to ensure the success of RAP and ESMP.

    He said: “You have joined us to effectively and speedily implement the ESMP and RAP in the CLSG countries and also monitor compliance with national and donor standards.”

    “In your respective duty areas, we need you to fast track this process. You are going to work with people, you have to be people centered and oriented. Don’t get involved in politics. You are TRANSCO CLSG, so you are also representatives of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS). You have no loyalty to a particular CLSG country,” Mr. Sherif admonished.

    TRANSCO CLSG, he said, will launch an exchange program in which the Assistants would be expected to visit other regions to share experiences and ideas. “This is going to help us share team working spirit. You are working for your country and TRANSCO and other relevant authorities to move our processes forward.”

    Mr. Sherif observed that the road to achieving a successful implementation of the CLSG project is not smooth, but that TRANSCO CLSG is aware of the challenges, adding, “That is why we chose you. I am confident that you will deliver. I know you are hard-working, so I am glad to have you on board.

    Therefore, you should embrace the vision, the mission and core values so you can earnestly work towards achieving them. Be committed and passionate about the CLSG projects. I know that you will be motivated by that passion.”

    The workshop was held to share the CLSG project vision, objectives, strategy and activities with the Assistants and to discuss the implementation of the ESMP in the CLSG project; the components of the RAP in the CLSG project and donors procedure for the implementation and the monitoring of ESMP and RAP.

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