Embattled LACC Boss, Nwabudike, Asked to Resign

The embattled Chairman of the LACC, Cllr. Augustine Ndubusi Nwabudike

The Daily Observer has learned that the Liberian Senate has sent a written communication to President George M. Weah, advising him to ask the head of the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commision, Cllr. N’dubuisi Nwabudike, to resign.

The decision was reached in an executive session on Thursday as the House of Senate took into consideration the level of distrust Cllr. A. Ndubuisi Nwabudike’s presence has brought to the country’s foremost anti-graft institution, specifically, the controversy about his nationality started.

A section of the Liberian population has moved to Social Media to react to the news.

Social media reactions to news of Nwabudike’s resignation.

The controversy surrounding the Nwabudike’s nationality sparked after President Weah nominated him to serves as the Chairman of the National Elections Commission (NEC), though he was still serving a tenured position at the LACC.

Since the NEC nomination, which was quickly rejected by the Senate due to glaring discrepancies, bordering on fraud, concerning Nwabudike’s birth and citizenship records, President Weah has continued to demonstrate his unflinching support for the man, doing everything possible to demonstrate Nwabudike’s entrenchment in the President’s good graces. However, the Liberia National Bar Association (LNBA) has repeatedly warned that keeping Nwabudike at the helm of the LACC undermines the fight against corruption.

Nwabudike is expected to release a statement shortly on the matter.


  1. This guy is a criminal who should be arrested and prosecuted for his crime against the Liberian people instead of allowing him to resign.

  2. Let Justice serves it’s course in this matter. Cllr. A.N.Nwabudike must resign immediately. His departure from [LAAC] is long over due. *He brought it-all on himself. He has not serve himself well; with respect and dignity.

  3. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !
    AND THE LOSER IN ALL OF THIS EPISODE: mr. true or false nationalist.
    Always the Supreme Court, the Supreme Court, and the Presidency and the Presidency. Instead the President of the Legal Bar Association is a blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah who knows nothing about law.
    mr. true or false nationalist, your legal reasoning and education best described as Sidewalk Education, as George has let you down again, Young Man, and will always do so.
    The fight is to have him Deported ! Deport The Man ! Deport The Man To His Country !
    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

    • James Davis, in the modus operandi of government, or a state, solutions to issues are found via either legal justifications, compassionate grounds, or political considerations, etc. etc.!!!

      Now, James Davis, unlike your argument, my argument in this matter or discussion, remains free from sentiments, xenophobia, etc.! That is, my arguments are grounded in the doctrine of jurisdiction, and the Liberian Constitution, with special emphasis on Articles 65 and 66 empowering the Supreme Court as the final arbiter or last resort viz cases, disputations, etc. etc.!

      Accordingly, as far as we are concerned, if this story is factual in toto, the resignation of Nwabudike would not be prompted by nor based on any legal culpability ( eg. NOT A REVERSAL NOR AN OVERTURN OF THE SUPREME COURT’S DECISON OR JUDGMENT ON NWABUDIKE‘S CITIZENSHIP), but rather a compromise (a political remedy and or compromise) between the two political branches of government …The Legislative Branch and the Executive Branch.

      And evidencing this substantiation is made manifest in a legislative source who informed the media in these words to FPA..“In confidence, I can confirm that he will resign between now and tomorrow. We have had tensed discussion with the executive and have reached a compromise,” a source said.

      Accordingly, you would have only made sense, if my arguments were not based on the opinion, determination, and decision of the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court and those of others (eg. LNBAS Executive members, etc. etc.) were also not based on the supreme jurisdiction of the Supreme Court which is the final arbiter of disputations within the territorial and extra territorial jurisdictions of Liberia.

      Now, go through this infra again from OTHERS ALSO WELL GROUNDED IN THE LAW.

      ”Minutes after LNBA announced the expulsion of Mr. Nwabudike, a senior member of the bar, Cllr. Aamara Sheriff, described the decision as ‘illegal’ and that it undermines the earlier judgment (Opinon) of the Supreme Court conferring the counselorship of Nwabudike, which, according to Sheriff, solidified his citizenship.”

      “No one organization’s law is above the judgment of the Supreme Court,” Cllr. Sheriff claimed, “The court had declared Nwabudike citizenship. Who is the bar to revoke his admission as Counselor-At-Law?” Sheriff wondered.

      “The bar cannot undo what the highest court had legally done and they cannot ask the court to withdraw its opinion,” Sheriff added.

      “Nobody can interfere with the Supreme Court’s exercise of its constitutional powers, and from assuming any functions that are exclusively entrusted to it. It does not, however, allow the LNBA to review its opinion,” Sheriff noted.

      So, you see, James Davis, if you were not a drop out or a layman, you would upon notice of the absence or noninvolvement of the Supreme Court or the Judiciary on this matter, you would have been able to assimilate that this is mere political consideration and not even think about any punitive measure as are cases of rejections at confirmation, or withdrawal of nomination.

      That said, James Davis, I have warned you not to ever insult me by referring to me as ”Young Man”. I have never and do not refer to you or anyone here in such manner. Please do not refer to me in such manner anymore.

  4. Mr. James Davis,
    Are you xenophobic? In each of us, there’s a stint of dishonesty and hypocrisy. The Bible acknowledges that by saying, “for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God”. Why are you demanding the gentleman to be deported? Do you think by having him deported, rampant corruption in Liberia will be minimized? Come on James. I understand if the said gentleman is guilty of massive corruption. If that’s the case, he can be discharged from his duties. I think deportation is going a little too far.

  5. The Nigerian rascal has now finally being asked to resign when the money he used to bribe his way to the position has not been restituted by his enablers in the corrupt Weah’s government. Mr. Nwadibuki, I am told, has refused to resign on grounds that he paid heavily for the post and that those who received the money are not now living up to their promise after receiving huge sum of money from him. He has threatened to seek redress in the court of law. In Liberian parlance, we say “you pull rope, rope pull bush.”

    • So what will the killer(s) of the auditors under the regime of George be doing ? When another assignment awaits them to cut the rope that will pulled the bush. And sadly cut short the life of the person pulling the rope. Mission accomplished ! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !
      They say the man will not hurt a fly. Say that to the families and friends of the auditors.

  6. Nwabudike resignation should not be the end. He worked with the United nations as a National Professional Officer (NPO) that gave him the salary of US$3,000 plus monthly because he claimed he was a Liberian citizen (NPO jobs are only for citizens), he attended the Law school and paid tuition that are only paid by citizens while he was a foreigner. He need to be made to refund every penny he robbed from Liberians through those means.

    Besides the above, he needs to be punished and disbarred through the court for fraudulently claiming Liberian citizenship before he can be deported.


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