Emanso Group of Companies Creates Jobs through Handwashing Machines to Curb Covid-19

Emanso Group of Companies staff during a tour of the facility where they produce the touch-free handwashing stations

— Seeks partnership for large scale production

While some entrepreneurs in the country are lamenting that the coronavirus pandemic has wrecked their businesses and the economy, some Liberians see the situation as an opportunity to connect with people who are developing innovative, low-cost solutions to promote sanitation and hygiene in areas with the most fragile healthcare systems, thereby increasing sales and job opportunities for others.

According to UNICEF, hand-washing with soap, when done correctly, is crucial in the fight against the novel coronavirus disease (Covid-19), but millions of people have no ready access to a place to wash their hands.

To this end, a Liberian-owned business entity, Emanso Group of Companies, has created several job opportunities through the invention of foot-propelled handwashing meant to aid the Covid-19 global pandemic in Liberia.  

Emmanuel Sorsor, Jr., chief executive officer of Emanso Group of Companies, has come out to make his entrepreneurship skills useful; his innovation has been officially recognized by USAID, Wethunger, CRS and other NGOs who are promoting his business by purchasing them.

He made these revelations to the Daily Observer recently in an exclusive interview at his Old Road offices in Sinkor.

The foot-propelled hand washing machine releases liquids by pushing a lever with your foot, a departure from the common buckets that requires hand touches, which are prone to infecting others with the virus.

Mr. Sorsor, a young Liberian and a student at the University of Liberia, who invented the genius machine said, “This is our way of contributing to the fight against the Coronavirus in Liberia.”

He explained that the water buckets are infecting people on a daily basis as they have to open and close the taps with their hands. “So we invented something safer than most. We are producing these machines in Liberia and they are available for sale to the public.”

Emanso Group of Companies, Inc. is also active in other works such as, agriculture and forestry, marketing, gold mining, vehicle maintenance, manufacturing, general merchandise, cargo clearing and forwarding, general construction and etc.

He said, “I am proud as a young Liberian to be involved into this business and also creating job in the private sector for many people. Currently, the CEO of Emanso Group of Companies has about 34 persons employ and 70 contractors.”

Mr. Sorsor further acknowledged USAID, Wethunger, CRS and other NGOs, who are promoting his business by purchasing his products.

He said, “We are producing several covid-19 materials to be presented to the Ministry of Education to be used by students who are expected to return to school very soon in the mist of the pandemic by the help of UNICEF.

“We are not only inventing the watch pillar machine, but we have also invented a waste bin that can use in every corner of the streets in Monrovia.”  

Meanwhile, the CEO of Emanso Group of Companies is calling on the government, private sector and well-meaning Liberians for partnership to will enable him produce on a large scale.

He disclosed that only UNICEF, USAID has ordered few quantities which will be delivered to the Ministry of Education but and his company is still looking out there for other organizations and the Government to purchase the items to be distributed throughout Liberia.

“I look forward to our Government, non-governmental organizations and philanthropists in Liberia and around the world to support the production and distribution of these machines worldwide,” he said.


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