Elvis Juasemai Responds to Criticisms About TunesLiberia Music Awards Nominees

TunesLiberia CEO Elvis Juasemai.

The organizers of TunesLiberia Music Awards, one of Liberia’s prestigious entertainment awards, have taken an unusual step to compile its nominations list for its awards ceremony on 23 February at the Monrovia City Hall.

The move, which is rare in the music industry, allows fans to nominate six artists in each of the awards’ twenty plus categories.

However, since the release of the nominees, pundits of the music industry have lashed out at the organizers for questionable nominations and the surprise omission of Stunna in the coveted “Artist of the Year” category.

Elvis Juasemai, Founder and CEO of TunesLiberia, in a brief interview with LIB Life said the nomination’s lists were compiled from data gathered from fans during the public nomination process.

“I apologize if anyone feels hurt, but the decision is not ours. Rather, it came from fans across the country. As organizers of the awards, our role is to compile the data we received from fans during the nomination or voting process.

“After listening to fans complain about being neglected during the first awards last year, we decided this time around to have them control the nominations and the entire voting process,” he said.

The TunesLiberia nominees list is topped by CIC, with six nominations, followed by Bucky Raw and Stunna, with four nods.

Juasemai added the fans’ nomination exercise is intended to promote a balanced and fair nominations process, allowing everyone to have equal rights in deciding who deserves to be nominated.

“I understand people are disappointed, but they have to accept the result the way it is. The fact is, going forward, fans are the ones who will do the nominations, not us,” Juasemai said.

During the public nomination process, fans were asked to nominate six candidates at most in each of the awards category based on the work the artist has put through the year of 2018.

Now in its 2nd year, the TunesLiberia Music Awards will honor the year’s most exceptional and artistically daring music projects from record label to indie artists from across the country.

TunesLiberia, which came into operation in 2015, is Liberia’s largest music streaming site, with a monthly visit of more than 300,000 fans.


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