Ellen’s Ex- Presidential Convoy Chief Indicted on Drug Charge


    President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s former Presidential Convoy Chief has been indicted for being in possession of 10 bags of marijuana weighing 315 kilograms and  valued as L$330,750,000.

    Defendant Perry T. Dolo, together with four other persons including;  Sekou Rogers, Augustine Saah, Cyrus Siewion and Mohammed Bah, was arrested on November 9, 2013,  at a joint security check point in Teini, Grand Cape Mount County.

    He and the others were charged with unlawful possession of narcotic drug and criminal facilitation by the Grand Jury for Grand Cape Mount County.

    Their lawyers filed criminal appearance bond, which released them from further detention at the Monrovia Central Prison because the crimes are bailable under the Liberian Law.

    In the indictment,  the defendants were arrested with high quantity of compressed cannabis drugs known as “marijuana” that was transported  in a Police Nissan Patrol jeep marked “Police Escort GSA-LNP-10-41” a decommission presidential escort vehicle.

    It alleged that Dolo’s vehicle on two different occasions passed through the joint check point at high speed with siren on, showing the impression that President Sirleaf’s convoy was travelling that direction.

    It (indictment) further alleges that on the two occasions the police jeep passed through the joint security check point, not a single government official or vehicle followed Dolo’s escort jeep.

    The document says based on the constant attitude of the operator of the Nissan Jeep, securities at the checkpoint decided to keep surveillance on it.

    According to the indictment, they (securities) also planned to inspect the car whenever it comes back to pass through checkpoint.

    It was during their inspection that the defendants were arrested with the ten big bags of marijuana weighing 315 kilograms valued as LD$330,750,000.

    Initially, the document alleged, defendant Dolo escaped from the jeep in his police uniform and disguised himself. Fortunately, the indictment said, he was arrested by civilians in the area before turning him over to the joint security.

    For defendants Augustine Saah and Sekou Roger, they were arrested at the joint check point during the search exercise.

    Giving details about the arrest of defendants Mohammed Bah and Cyrus Slewion, the document alleged that they were picked up while negotiating for the release of the jeep and the marijuana.

    Bah is a driver for   Dolo’s Taxi marked TX-8429.

    According to the indictment, Dolo call Bah in Monrovia and asked him to contact defendant Cyrus Slewion on Gurley Street in Monrovia to go to Grand Cape Mount County to solve a problem he Dolo was facing.

    When Slewion arrived in Grand Cape Mount County, the document maintained Dolo pleaded with him to go to the check point and negotiate for the release of his vehicle and the police jeep, and he was arrested in the process.

    Defendant Bah, the document claims, took a plastic bag containing assorted clothes and gave it to Dolo, who immediately changed the previous police uniform he was wearing.

    Besides, the document said Bah went with Slewion to negotiate for the release of the jeep and the marijuana.


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