Ellen Writes Legislature for Retreat Thursday

Will Judge Boima Kontoe compel former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf (pictured) to testify?

Authoritative sources within the corridors of the Capitol Building yesterday informed the Daily Observer that President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has written the Legislature requesting a retreat with members of the Frist Branch of Government on Thursday.

The timetable of the proclamation that will bring the Legislators back to the Capitol Building on Thursday, December 8, is the last for the one month allotted for the lawmakers to react to letters sent them for passage or ratification.

The content of the letter, according to the source, is expected to be read before Senate plenary and subsequently deliberated on. There were earlier unconfirmed reports that the President would only meet with members of the Lower House.

Legislative commentators believe President Sirleaf’s decision to write the Legislature is prompted by the Senators’ weeks of seeming unwillingness to act upon her letters, after it was discovered that three ranking Senators had allegedly cheated their colleagues with money allotted for the month-long special sitting.

Some Senators told our Legislative Correspondent that the President chose the last day to interact with them as a clever way of further encouraging them to pass most, if not all, of the items sent to them.

Meanwhile, the Senate yesterday convened after failing to do so on Monday, due to lack of electricity, and immediately went into executive session with several items on the agenda. They reemerged after two hours with a promise from the Senate Secretariat that a release would be issued today disclosing the number of Bills passed.

However, a source told our reporter that four financial-related bills were passed, including “The Financing agreement (Tree Crops Extension Project) between the Republic of Liberia and International Fund for Agricultural Development, and the Financing Agreement (Rural Community Finance Project) between the Republic of Liberia and International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), among others.

Meanwhile, the Senate plenary yesterday agreed to divide itself into subgroups to handle items that are being discussed in committee rooms.


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