Ellen, Weah Spar over ‘Opulence’

No sweet tweets between former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf (left) and her successor, President George Manneh Weah (right). When she chides him, he retorts fire for fire.

Now and then, when former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf adds her voice to local public discourse, the ripple effects of her rhetoric can be felt for days around the nation’s capital. And when her messages, directed at her successor, President George Manneh Weah, carry a didactic eloquence that borders on pontificating, it appears, those are the ones that strike a nerve with him. And this time, he did not hold back in his retort. A couple of years ago, they had a duel over the meaning of GDP. This episode about the definition of ‘opulence’.

Just over the weekend, former President Sirleaf tweeted: “The opulence displayed at the lighting of the Liberian President Christmas Tree was indeed impressive, but with the country’s difficult economic climate it is an affront to the thousands who have not been paid and are hungry.”

This single sentence from the former President who ushered in the current President after her regime is not taken lightly.  In a couple of harsh responses, President Weah said:  “Madam former President, let me refresh your memory about what Opulence is: Opulence is when Chevron gives 10 million USD or CSR and you gave it to your son to squander.”

Giving cynical definitions of opulence, President Weah continued:  “Opulence is when you have 4 billion in Foreign direct investment, but leave Liberia in abject squalor and poverty; Opulence is when you have 11 budget shortfalls in 12 years and yet spent tens of millions of failed projects like the Executive Mansion repair fiasco, Opulence is when after 12 years of billions of dollars of Foreign Aid, you still leave the country with 1 billion dollars debt that my government is now paying back.”

“There are a 1000 more examples, but let me leave you with these for now.  Opulence is not when you use an old Christmas Tree and Choirs to celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus,” said President Weah to former President Sirleaf.

Responses of the President to the former President’s single paragraph post have generated a lot of comments on social media.  In one comment, President Sirleaf is cautioned to “Shut her mouth” because she allegedly did all she could in 2017 to bring in President Weah to get the country the way it is.  

Another comment also challenged President Weah to respond to an alert by the US Embassy near Monrovia cautioning its citizens to take some good amount of cash along with them because the country’s Central Bank has run out of cash.

Still in other views, another person commented that the President’s reaction to the former President was the right rejoinder, noting, “What a hypothetical piece of tweet that was from a former President.”  

Yet another person cautioned President Weah that he will be audited when his term expires after building mansions in Monrovia within three years.

Another comment predicted that President Weah will soon be walking in the same shoes as President Sirleaf because, in his response, there is no difference between himself and the former President in terms of squandering money if his statement is anything to consider.  

Another person also said:  “You have all this evidence and you fail to prosecute the former regime.  You are just [revealing] your [incompetence] to govern Liberia.

Since President Weah succeeded Madame Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, he has always blamed hers and other past administrations for whatever has gone wrong in the country.  With reference to squandering money by the son of the former President, the Weah Administration is in hot water for alleged missing L$16 billion; US$25 million mop-up money unaccounted for; the recently-printed L$4 billion, which the public is in doubt of its circulation amid circulation of mutilated notes; and building of private estates by the President and his officials.


  1. The fact that one of these two high levels one Ex-press, have debacles with the Liberian people to explain, makes one having served her term should exile until called, while the present President of Liberia has 3 more years to face impeachment outbreak by the emerging Legislature or justify his compliance to connive another slave trade attempt to change the Liberian constitution. Are they really whole hearted Liberians? The ” none of these” vote were the actual Liberians who recently took back their constitutional provisions from those NO vs YES votes that almost de – constituted our right to be Liberians, ” people of negro descends”, probably to satisfy their personal pockets and pocket books of greed and lust for sick power or wealth. Those who ignited this dichotomy will have to be ousted by the people because it almost put torch unwanted violence of the last civil upheaval.. We must continue to reinstitute the healthy nation of 1847. Who are the owners of the Liberia on the west coast of Africa? Find out, if you do not know them. We will no long dismantle our God given rights, just to please a few to infest the casualty of lust.

  2. We need no more diversities or restructures of our laws laid forth by the founders of Liberia. Rather we will sifter our laws already tampered with. What we need is good health with physical developments.
    Tell yours to the Liberian people,; Not my box.

  3. Madam Ex – President, that’s it the devil you dressed, do not undressed it, and Mr. President, you are fighting a weak war. Liberians heard you guys, and Weah you will be defeated 2023 and you will pay a serious price for the evil you have done to us as Liberian,

  4. Hahaha….. Pres. Weah is extremely unserious, to have written that disingenuous piece. WHY CAN’T YOU AUDIT THE MADAM’S GOVERNMENT? This is the big question, that needs to be answered by you, Mr. President.

  5. The Ali Baba and the forty thieves’ story!
    “Pot telling the kettle he is black”.

    So, you guys know you are suffocating the Liberian people? You know the “susu” you are in, right?
    No matter how dark the night, morning always comes, and our journey will SURELY begin anew.

    Madam president, the devil you have dressed has given you just the right answer to your hypocrisy. I hope you take heed and react to his comments.

    Take heart Liberians! Like the children of Israel, Liberians, the Egyptians you see today, very soon, you WILL NEVER see again!

    Amass your wealth on earth to the detriment of a poor and innocent people and go to hell in the fiery furnace.
    There is yet time for repentance, Madam President and her “forty thieves’ Weah!

  6. Well, Weah knew all of this went on during the Ellen administration, and this is why the people voted him into the presidency massively. So, what happened after he resumed power? What casted the damper suddenly over his dreams and aspirations and dissuaded him from implementing his so-called Pro-Poor Policy, which according to him would be tailored towards drastically reducing poverty, creating jobs, and improving the quality of life for the people? Greed and the vicious lure for power began to bind him.

    Am I saying this because I was a United Party supporter? No, I am saying because even though I live in the foreign parts, but I became one of those at the time who encouraged many of his relatives and friends living in Liberia to vote for Weah because I thought he would have been a better candidate to start charting a path to a brighter future for our young generation. On the other hand, A saying goes, “You can’t judge a book by its cover.” I, like many other folks, did not realize that we were being deceived and were opting for a colossal failure in Weah.

    A common tradition exists all over the world that when the incoming president takes over from the incumbent one, the mantle of authority is now transferred to the newly elected. The ball then falls in the court of the newly elected one, and the duties and responsibilities for running the country are no longer those of the past presidents. Was this not the reason Weah agitated 24/7 for twelve years and in fact according to a Liberian NSA report, he even plotted with a foreign interlocuter to have Ellen assassinated?

    Inasmuch as Liberians know that Ellen, like the other presidents who preceded her were not flawless, they are also intelligent enough, in spite of her weaknesses, to acknowledge her in some areas where she shone brightly and left a legacy.

    So, the question is no longer whether Ellen did err or did not err. Liberians are asking, “When will Weah wake-up and lead?”

  7. Undoubtedly, an unfair jibe from an unlikely source, which albeit some of us see as a wake-up call on the economy and public safety in a country wishing to attract tourists and foreign investors. And I think for most Liberians, should this public rebuke from the former President propel GMW to initiate urgent reforms, the fury of their family fallout was worth it. After all, all’s well that ends well in the cause of the people. (RIP, Mrs. Edwina Andrews-Moses).

    • My Liberian Man, who was she, her wife? My sympathy. I know the roles these people played in our lives, many times we take them for granted.

  8. President Weah, whoever wrote that rebuttal on your behalf did not do you well. Mr. President please focus on present national matters.

    • Are you saying Dr. Dr. George M. Weah lacks the ability to compose those responses.

      It’s unfair what do you take his education for?

  9. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !
    With all the blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah from George, how does that help the children that are looking up to their parents for their Christmas ? How does that help the children looking up to their parents for the New Year, 2021 the same as 2020 ? No toys ? No food or not enough to go around ? Nobody to ask for anything from, cause nobody has anything ?
    These social festivals whereby goats, sheep cows and chicken, fanta , coke , koolaid for all families enjoyment have been wiped out. Replaced with unqualified hardship and corruption, and political uncertainty for the future of this present generation.
    So where is the concerned expressed by George ? What does the message from George to his desperate citizens for their future and that of their children on this social festivals seasons ? Ellen Johnson Sirleaf ? More of the same as what was in the beginning shall be the same ?
    George just backup the once statement made by his Finance Minister Samuel Tweah, later this year in Maryland. When he addressed himself to his tribesmen. Reminding them that George was not elected President to pay civil servants salaries on time. Samuel actually said that to his tribesmen. A message meant for all civil servants to hear, although addressing his tribesmen.
    In the war of words between that God Forsaken President , also a multi-millionaire preacher, and the former President, the children are still looking up to their parents.
    The Jamaican artist Max Romeo says: Uptown Monrovia Children do not cry, they don’t know what suffering is like. They have mama and papa and lots of toys to play. They have nannies and lots of friends to play with, uptown Monrovia Children don’t cry, they don’t know what hunger feels. But George, Samuel, McGill, Bright, Shaw, and the rest of the forty thieves cannot relate to the the sufferings of the have-not-children and their have-not-parents. Cause they do not know what suffering is like.
    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !
    What A God Forsaken President ? What A God Forsaken Man ? Oh Well. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !
    The Writing Is On The Wall . Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ! What A Regime?

  10. Frontpage, did you try to verify whether either of those tweets came from Ellen Sirleaf or George Weah’s official Twitter accounts? You guys are just as derelict in your professional duties as journalists…
    Frontpage Africa is very emblematic of the high level of ignorance and fuckery pervading the entire country…

    • if you dont like fpa why read. Just move on Paul Jackson. are you paying for subscriptions no no no . shut the hell up and read your free magazine. Money talks and bullsh2t walks you are not paying sh2t to fPa

  11. My people, you think there is no money to pay you people, certainly not; you are being repay for not toeing the line of the CDC. You voted overwhelmingly against them and now, they want Darius Dillion to pay your salaries. They are punishing you for being unfaithful to them.

    • You don’t rebuild a war torn nation, Liberia by setting aside; $112,000,000 of much needed reconstruction money as compensations to a selected group of CITIZENS for their so called properties. When you rebuild, you rally all citizens to roll-up their sleeves and fully commit themselves… That’s what Europeans and
      Japanese did [ROLLED-UP THEIR SLEEVES] after World War 2. Besidess, you don’t bring in people from The U.S.A; who have no knowledge of Nation building, pay excessively high salaries and afford them an American Lifestyle. Poor decisions have doomed Liberian/Liberians.

  12. Paul, this is not FPA. However, your point or contention is excellently legitimate. Take for example the arrest of the Aloysious Toe for the felony of espionage. All FPA tells the public is that Toe the Secretary General of the ANC Party has been arrested. The details as to how and why Toe was arrested are information concealed by these two news outlets and even the Inquirer NewsPaper.


    MONROVIA – Police Spokesperson Moses Carter has confirmed that the police have arrested 30 Sierra Leoneans with Liberian voter registration cards in the troubled town of Nomodatahum Town, Gbarpolu County.

    Speaking to FrontPage Africa via phone on Monday night, Mr. Carter said those arrested are currently being questioned by the police and officers of the Liberia Immigration Services (LIS).

    Prior to Carter’s confirmation, it was alleged that the Sierra Leoneans were behind the arm bush and seizure of the ballot boxes on Sunday.

    However, the police spokesperson did not give detail as he promised to call back, but up to press time, he did not.

    Nomodatahum Town, also called Norman, has been in the news for all of the negative reasons since the National Elections Commission (NEC) announced that an influential chief, for unknown reasons, forcefully took away four ballot boxes assigned to Precinct with Code #45039, comprising four polling places and 2,021 registered voters.

    Voting in the town, located in District #3, Gbarpolu County, was suspended on Election Day and rescheduled for December 15, 2020.

    With more than 95 percent of the votes counted so far from the county, Independent Candidate Botoe Kanneh is leading the candidate of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), Rep. Alfred Koiwood of Gbarpolu County Electoral District #1.

    On Sunday it was reported that Madam Kanneh and her supporters were attacked by members of the powerful all-male Poro Society on the orders of the Clan Chief who is accused of seizing several ballot boxes on Election Day.

    Some of Madam Kanneh supporters including her relatives were allegedly beaten by members of the traditional society, with their whereabouts unknown.

    Mr. Aloysius Toe, the Secretary General of the Alternative National Congress has also been reportedly arrested and charged with espionage.

    The arrest also comes amid allegations that the LIS is colluding with the ruling party to intimidate madam Kanneh and her supporters in a bid to deny her of winning the Gbarpolu County’s senatorial race.

    According to reports from Gbarpolu, Madam Kanneh, along with the Collaborating Political Parties’ Candidate, Sam K. Zinnah and a number of their supporters were stopped by the Liberia Immigration Service (LIS) officers from entering the town.

    It is reported that Zinnah has pledged his support to Kanneh. They, along with their supporters, were seen or heard demanding access to the town on grounds that Rep. Koiwood had his team in Normor, holding secret meetings while at the same time denying other candidates access to the town.

    The Daily Observer quoted Zinnah as saying the immigration escorted him to the outskirts of the town, where he met fellow Candidate Kanneh, who had just arrived at the town that morning and was barred from entry.

    According to Zinnah, the two of them were held on the outskirts of the town by armed joint security, including PSU officers for more than five hours. Their only option, he narrated, was to leave the town and lodge somewhere else. Zinnah said he had to retreat to Kongbor Town by motorbike, leaving his personal effects in the room he rented at Nomodatahum.

    An LIS official, speaking to reporters said, while it is true that LIS personnel are in the county, he could not reach any of them for their response to the allegations because they were out of mobile phone coverage.

    Meanwhile, authorities, including the Police and the National Elections Commission have come under staunch criticisms over their failure to ensure that those behind the disturbance in Gbarpolu face the law.

    Speaking to FrontPage Africa late Sunday night, a member of Madam Kanneh’s legal team, Cllr. Moiffie Kanneh questioned why the authorities including the NEC have not taken any action against the Clan Chief and associates since they took way the ballot boxes on Election Day.

    He blamed the continued harassment and intimidation by the chief and his cohorts to the failure of the authority to hold them accountable for their unconstitutional actions

    “The fact that the Clan Chief seized the ballot box, and up to now we are not aware that he has been called for investigation, and the same Clan Chief again is ordering the country devil to go after peaceful citizens, is a call for concern,” he said.

    Also, the Elections Coordinating Committee (ECC), in a statement issued in Monrovia strongly condemned the wave of electoral violence that is escalating in Gbarpolu County. The ECC said this trend of violence, harassment and intimidation of a female candidate is unacceptable and is a deliberate attempt to influence the outcome of the remaining election that is scheduled to take place in Norman Town, Precinct Number 45039.

    The ECC also frowns on the behavior of traditional leaders tampering with the conduct of an election which is constitutionally mandated and is concerned about the lack of action taken by the government to hold the Paramount Chief accountable. These lawless behaviors undermine the rule of law and have the propensity to reverse gains made in peace and democratic consolidation, the ECC said.


    Cummings Takes Issue With Gov’t Over Gbarpolu Saga -As ANC SG Set Free

    The four Collaborating Political Parties (CPP’s) Chairperson, Alexander Cummings has frowned on the Weah-led Administration for what he called fighting against women participation at the National Legislature.

    Addressing a news conference over the weekend, Mr. Cummings named Nimba and Gbarpolu as some of the counties in which females have been detained and marginalized by some officials of government, something he said is an affront to women across the country.

    According to him, in the two counties where both Madam Gbotoe Kanneh and Edith Gongloe-Weh were said to have been the presumptive winners turned otherwise within split seconds thereby indicating that the situation is a clear manifestation that the government of President Weah is not interested in promoting women participation in the governance of the country.

    He noted that from the CPP angle, they believe that the National Elections Commission (NEC) should not conduct any other election in Gbarpolu now until calm be restored as well as proper mechanisms be put into place by the NEC before the resumption of the electoral process in that county.

    The CPP chairperson further stated that the CPP is seriously troubled by the decision of the ruling establishment to silence more women representation at the legislature, adding that female participation is cardinal in the Democratic process of any nations with Liberia being of no exception.
    Mr. Cummings however promised that the CPP under his watch is doing everything possible in its capacity to ensure that women are adequately represented as female lawmakers at the House of Representatives through a transparent democratic process.

    He added, “We are very serious about this because you know and I know that today, we only have one female Senator in the Senate and we are very bothered by the fact that officials of this government will be fighting against the will of the people to have more women in the senate.”

    As per information gathered, Gbotoe Kanneh was in the lead since the end of the December 8 polls and as such, nothing should deprive her victory in that county to go and represent her people at the Liberian Senate. We also hope that the NEC will do the right thing in ensuring that the will of the people of Nimba is not tampered with,” the CPP chairperson averred.

    Meanwhile, Mr. Cummings has also frowned on State Security for arresting the Alternative National Congress (ANC) Secretary General, Cllr. Aloysius Toe stating that his arrest along with others is an assault on freedom of speech and expression, freedom of assembly and association, which are rights that are guaranteed to all citizens by the Constitution.

    In a related development, the Secretary General of the Alternative National Congress (ANC), Cllr. Aloysius Toe who was arrested recently along with others in Gbarpolu County has finally been released from the Liberia National Police (LNP) Headquarter in Monrovia.

    Cllr. Toe was heading a CPP delegation dispatch to Gbarpolu County where serious tension ensued resulting to his arrest along with others on December 15 by State Security although this paper is yet to ascertain as to what really led to the ANC SG and others arrest.

    • Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ! The issue is, why aren’t the children of the nation’s civil servants parents unable to make them smile this festival seasons ? No toys, no children party, no new clothes, no new shoes, especially no fanta, and chicken dinners and rice. The election is over and the ruler and his political party of CDC lost. It is about the smiles on the faces of children that are missing, that’s the issue right now.
      Perhaps, belonging to the group of Uptown Residents in Monrovia, they don’t know what suffering is like. They don’t know what hunger is like. They have cars like toys, they have homes with running waters and electricity, not huts. They have friends to drink with. They have money to pay for everything. They don’t know what suffering is like. That’s why they live uptown, and do not to see the sufferings going on downtown. It is about the CHILDREN. NOT THE ELECTIONS. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ! Oh Well.

  14. Gbada J. Flomo

    Edwina Andrews-Moses was a former colleague, patriot, and my wife; life won’t be the same without her. She said so, but the pigheadedness in me had its way: Rest In Peace, dear.

    • who cares about your wife. go to tLC africa and put her obitiuary. she is meaningless to the thousands of FPA readers. Go see a psychiatrist. she was there when you orchestrated the tortures as the NSa chief. she is just as guilty as you for not telling you to stop

  15. Never, ever, before had l seen such a figure in history, like Liberia’s President, George Weah. He knew very well that ex-president Sirlleaf championed corruption in her 12 years as president. After taking over, what you do as
    a sound leader; you take legal actions by putting her on trial. If you respect the mandate that the Liberian people gave you, by this time, Ellen is on trial for perversion. You either be impeached, or you willingly resigned before 2023. You represent shame and disgrace to Liberia and to the Young people who voted for you. Nowadays, our image to the world is dead because of poor leadership ability. But, your days are counted.

  16. Shut up your idiotic mouth which does not know nowhere in the civilized or democratic world, incoming or incumbent leader can just jump up and put on trial the outgoing or former democratic elected leader for whatever you ignorantly believe is championing corruption. That crap happend to Gyude Bryant because he was selected by rebels, and not the people. George Manneh will serve his two terms with ease. Go and ask John Mahama or any leader in Africa.

    The whole world knows President Weah and is a good and competent leader! He did not bring this economic hardship on Liberia. If George Weah werent set for his second term, these rogues as Benoni Urey, Joseph Boakai, etc. would not be whining about the possibility of a third term for President Weah.

    • A good and competentent leader? Liberia is now the poorest nation on earth. how long can weah exploit the failures of the previous administration? Look at Liberia now. no money in the banks, high unemployment, children out of school, government employees cant get paid on time. poverty everywhere. You said “second term” if the liberian people are that stupide to endure 12 years of poverty then they deserve what they expect. drinking hennesy and going to work at 11am is not a competent leader. Hiding his assets and building mansions that he did not have previously is a shame.

  17. To: My Dear Brother, Freedom To Be Blunt,

    From: Hney

    Re:. Thanks For Your Goodwill. Merry Christmas To You And Your Family And Friends.
    Expect Showers Of Blessings From The Most High God.

  18. I Extend My Christmas Greetings To The Following Team Members:

    Miss Witherspoon,
    Miss Kou Gontee,
    Miss Mae Moore,
    Mr. S. G. Moses,
    Mr. Z. Zoedjallah,
    Mr. Gbolvlehn,
    Mr. Concerned Liberian,
    Mr. Isaac Dikenah and I believe a few more team members whose names I cannot recall.

    Ladies And Gentlemen, Let’s Keep Up The Fight To Preserve Freedom For The Motherland. The Opposition Political Parties Are Getting More And More Serious. Their Missiles To Defeat What We Have Are Getting More Accurate. We Need To Band Together. Let’s Not Be Deterred By Their Tactics. Our Missiles (meaning our message to dislodge their tactics) Must Be Unleashed With Pinpoint Accuracy. Finally, Let’s Not Give In. Blessings From Above.

    Merry Christmas To The Rest Of You Who Are Not My Team Members. Please Take Note. We Are Not Enemies.
    We Have Differences Of Opinions.
    Let’s Not Be Bifurcated Negatively Because Of Our Opinions. We All Love The Motherland.
    May God Bless All Of You. Like Steve Wonder Once Said, “I Mean It From The Bottom Of My Heart”.

    Mr. Joe Jr. You’ve Had A Rough Year. Hope You And Your Mom, Sister And Family Are Well. Merry Christmas!

    Mr. Right To Be Anonymous, Please Get Yourself Out Of The Woods. Merry Christmas.


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