Ellen Wants IG, Deputies to get 4-year Tenures

(Above) In October 2016, President Sirleaf appointed Gregory Coleman as Inspector General of Police, shortly after his graduation from Harvard University. Now, "...how long he/she serves as IG, may create vulnerability," hence the need for the position to be tenured. (Photo: Executive Mansion)

President  Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has submitted a bill to the Legislature calling for the Inspector General (IG) and deputies of the Liberia National Police (LNP) to have tenured positions for four years. The bill is titled, “An act to amend Chapter 22, Subsection 22.76 (a) of the LNP Act of 2015.”

In a letter to the lawmakers on Tuesday, President Sirleaf urged them to tackle the gap in the current Police Act, which says that the IG serves at the will and pleasure of the President. “It falls short of how long he/she serves as IG, which may create vulnerability,” the President said in her letter. She indicated that the purpose of the bill is to close that gap and create job security and certainty in the planning, execution and performance at the highest level of policing in the country.

According to the President, the act when passed into law, will give the IG a definite tenured position. She said that the passage of the instrument into law will avoid serious instability and give assurance that the Inspector General will not be sacked (at the will and pleasure of the President), thereby jeopardizing his plans. Moreover, President Sirleaf informed the Legislature that as security is paramount to keeping the peace, the passage of the instrument will create a stable leadership position in the police force, which she said will help the government to attain its security goals.

The House Plenary has voted to turn the bill over to the  Committees on National Security  and Judiciary to review and advise Plenary within two weeks.

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  1. Comment: Let the legislature act decisively, this bill and its intend is wrong and chaotic and therefore must be vehemently rejected.

  2. When did she realized this. Madam President need to try and stop all this kind of games. What really is her fear? All the years she was president is it now that she is about to relinquish power that she is trying to manipulate the system so she can still be controlling things. Why is it only the IG she is concern about. What about other government officials that serve at the well of the president don’t they need Job security and don’t they have plans as well? And the interesting thing is instead of those Law makers to trow such outside they are in turn voting on it. They should be smart enough to know this is election time and voting on such thing to even send it to committee level well work against them during this election season. This is a very clear indication that Madam President really don’t want to leave Power but is force to do so, and even been force still want to be in charge indirectly. Liberia is not your family property Madam neither is it for only you and your Clique.

  3. Why didn’t she do this for the past 12 years under her corrupt regime?

    Anyway, those complete gbelleh called Legislatures will pass this so-called bill having been flagrantly decorated with their usual BROWN ENVELOPES filled with the country’s money.

  4. What a political destruction is Madam Sirleaf; why this bill was never introduced in 2006-2016? why now? please the house should not honor such act.
    Madam Sirleaf, please leave us yah, we are tire with you good ideas, bye.

  5. I don’t understand this President. You had all this good ideas but you sit there and do nothing for 12 years. Now, all the sudden you want to make recommendation to what is good for Liberia and what is not good. Please start finding your way out of the door. Good bye Oldma!

  6. She Ellen Johnson sirlef can’t ever get her wish after she leaves office because she’s going to be prosecuted and all the Liberian people money she had embezzled Will be brought back to the country.
    Sorry bitch.


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