Ellen to Dedicate US$8.3M Bridge in Caldwell

Ellen to Dedicate2.jpg

President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is expected to lead an array of government officials and international partners to the dedication ceremony of the newly constructed bridge in the Township of Caldwell on Sunday, September 13, Commissioner Alexine Mendscole Howard has disclosed.
The bridge valued at US$8.3 million links the Township to New Georgia in Caldwell, Louisiana, Cassava Hill and Duala to Central Monrovia.
About 120 meters long, the bridge will bring relief to thousands of residents in the township as well as provide access to strategic installations such as the Mount Coffee Hydro and White Plains Water Treatment Plants, residents said.
Commissioner Howard, speaking yesterday to the Daily Observer via mobile phone, expressed gratitude to President Sirleaf and the World Bank for the project.
She noted that since the founding of Caldwell in 1825, no president ever thought of developing the township, but it is Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, who through her love for the country developed the area by paving the road and the construction of the bridge over the Stockton Creek.
“This President,” she said, “has done all for Caldwell because she has paved the road and provided us with street lights and now the bridge, so we must commend her for the job.”
The Commissioner also appealed to the residents not to steal the batteries from the street lights and other properties installed by the government that are meant for their use.
The township of Caldwell is located in Montserrado County and is one of the original settlements comprising the Commonwealth of Liberia.


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