Ellen to Dedicate GK, Sinoe Projects

Partial view of projects completed .jpg

President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, as part of the country’s 168th Independence Day celebration, is expected to dedicate seven projects in the City of Greenville and its environs.

The President and her entourage were scheduled to arrive in Greenville yesterday via the relatively good road, which was successfully repaired by the AFL’s Engineering division and the Ministry of Public Works.

The projects include the Multipurpose Youth Center, the 15-room Executive Lodge, the Superintendant’s residence and the Taryouwon Public School. Other projects to be dedicated are the James E. Greene Sports Stadium, the Children’s Playground and the 3rd Judicial Court Complex.

A tour of the projects showed that the Multipurpose Center and James E. Greene Sports Pitch are not fully constructed and renovated and the Executive Lodge, Superintendant’s residence and Children’s Playground are about 92% completed,
Sinoe Development Superintendent H. Sneh Johnson said the projects are “ready for dedication,” but they have not been officially turned over because contractors are seen still working rapidly to complete them.

Internal Affairs Minister Morris Dukuly described the projects as “satisfactorily ready for dedication,” and conceded that there would be additional work to be done after the dedication.

According to unconfirmed protocol, the President and her entourage are expected to leave from Greenville Friday, July 24 to dedicate the Grand Kru projects on Saturday. They will participate in the Thanksgiving Service on Sunday. Immediately after the service the President is expected back in Greenville for the official program, which will be held at the J. Dominic Bing City Hall.

On Friday, the Legislature’s kickball and football squads captained by Senators George M. Weah and Geraldine Doe-Sheriff will lock horns with the Executive, headed by Foreign Minister Augustine K. Ngafuan and Madam Julia Duncan-Cassell, Minister for Gender, Children and Social Protection.

On Monday, July 27, former Liberian Ambassador to the United States, Charles A. Minor will deliver the 26th national oration during the official Independence Day program in the J. Dominic Bing City Hall in Greenville.


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