Ellen Performs Last Award Ceremony

Former President Sirleaf with some ex-officials.

 Confers honors on outgoing officials of Government

The now former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf on Sunday, bestowed national honors on some of her officials in the Cecil Dennis Auditorium at the Foreign Ministry in recognition of the their “dedicated services” during her administration.

This was the former President’s last official function at the Foreign Ministry prior to turning over power to President George Weah yesterday.

Among the honorees, in accordance with categories were the Most Venerable Order of the Pioneers: Marjon Vashti Kamara, Minister of Foreign Affairs; Dame Grand Commander; Sylvester M. Grigsby, Minister of State for Presidential Affairs, Knight Commander; McKinley D. Thomas, Liberia’s Ambassador to the People’s Republic of China, Knight Commander.

Other honorees are Youngor S. Telewoda, Liberia’s Ambassador to Japan, Dame Commander; Eugene Lenn Nagbe, Minister of Information, Cultural Affairs and Tourism, Knight Commander; Patrick Sendolo, Minister of Lands, Mines and Energy, Knight Commander; Varney A. Sirleaf, Acting Minister of Internal Affairs, Knight Commander; Puchu Leona Bernard, Director General, Civil Service Agency, Dame Commander; and Dr. Wvannie-Mae Scott McDonald, Chief Executive Officer of John F. Kennedy Medical Center, Dame Commander.

In the category of Star of Africa, President Sirleaf admitted the following as Grand Commanders: Education Minister George K. Werner, Commerce Minister Axel Addy, Public Works Minister Gyude W. Moore, Gender, Children and Social Protection, Minister Julia Duncan Cassell, and Chairperson of the National Investment Commission, Etmonia David Tarpeh.

The Humane Order of African Redemption category comprised Minister of Youth and Sports, Saah Charles N’Tow, Knight Grand Commander; Managing Director of the National Social Security and Welfare Corporation, Dewitt von Ballmoos, Knight Grand Commander; Chief of Protocol of Liberia, Jervis A. Witherspoon, Knight Grand Commander; and Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, B. Elias Shoniyin, Knight Commander.

The Star of Africa is also one of the highest honors to which officials including Superintendents at this time were admitted. Those admitted included Nimba County Superintendent, D. Dorr Cooper, Commander; Buchanan City Mayor, Julia Kpui Bono, Commander; Bureau of Concessions Executive Director, Ciata A. Bishop, Commander; Law Enforcer/Criminal Justice Practitioner, James Y. Hunder, Sr., Commander; Chairperson of National Civil Society Council of Liberia, Frances R. Deigh Greaves, Commander; Executive Assistant to the President, Euphemia N. Brewer-Fasama, Officer; Deputy Chief of Protocol, Ethel Holt-Toles, Officer; and former Special Assistant to the Minister, Cornelia Kruah-Togba, Officer.

Following the conferments, President Sirleaf indicated that the honorees, some of whom were not present at the ceremony, served with distinction and dedication in the interest of her administration and the country.

She, however, did not clarify how the honorees impacted the country or her administration.

Critics contend that some of those honored, by reason of their very poor performance, did not deserve such honors such as Education Minister George Werner who leaves behind a “messy education system”.


  1. I hope he (opong) doesn’t walk in the shadow of the pervious corrupt madam sirleaf’s administration. she goes down in history as one of the most corrupt African leaders. These are the kind of leader making insignificant trump referring to the Mother Land (Africa) as shit holes… she shows no love for Liberia, but to enrich herself and those that are closer to her…well-done & well-done madam sirleaf go in your shame & disgrace!!!!!!!! accountability to Liberian will hunt you forever. I ask the Almighty God that you all stolen wealth from the poor Liberian people fail to bear fruits to enjoy… A man!


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