Ellen Lauds MOS’ Honorees for Dedicated Services


President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has lavished praises on several employees of the Ministry of State (MOS) who were retired for the many years of committed and dedicated services to the Liberian presidency and the state at large.

The Ministry of State on Wednesday, June 11, “honorably” retired 26 employees after rendering invaluable services to the government between 33 and 39 years while some had attained the retirement age of 60 years. The retirement program took place at the C. Cecil Dennis Auditorium at the Foreign Ministry. 

“Many of you served during very difficult times; during the years you maybe couldn’t take pay, there was no means of transportation to get to and from work, but you still carried out your duties diligently,” the Liberian leader said, adding that though in some cases it was suffering for some of them, they stayed on.” 

The Liberian leader indicated that after all the years of sacrifice, they will be making way for their children and other younger ones now that they have done their part. She reminded them that at some point in life, after all the sacrifices they have made to educate their children, they will have to give way so that the children can take over the leadership of the country, she included shortly. “I commend you for saying now that we have served our country, we can now make way.” 

President Sirleaf noted that going into retirement does not mean that one is inactive as there are many other things that they can do to live a productive retired life, including small business, farming, or training the younger ones, among others. 

She promised that in whatever way she can assist in the years ahead, she will reach out to them. “Thanking you today is a continuous process for us. We want you to know that we care for you, commend you, and honor you for your dedication and service to country,” the Liberian leader said.

On behalf of the honorees, Mr. Humphrey Reed, who said they were happy to have graduated today; terming it the “MOS 2014 graduation”.  On behalf of the retirees, he extended to the Minister of State, Dr. Edward McClain, and President Sirleaf sincere thanks and appreciation for having the opportunity to serve the country in their various capacities. 

Ambassador George Wallace, Jr, Foreign Affairs Advisor to President Sirleaf,  presented certificates to the honorees; while the Minister of State Without Portfolio, Mr. Conmany Wesseh presented each of them with a service award and an envelope of gratuity. President Sirleaf made a personal contribution of US$5,000 to the retirees, the Executives Mansion said.


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