‘Ellen is the Evil Hand Controlling Weah,’ Says ALP’s Urey

Political leader of the All Liberian Party (ALP), Benoni W. Urey, along with Vice President and Mrs. Boakai at yesterday's endorsement of the Unity Party ahead of the December 26 runoff election, held at the ALP headquarters in Monrovia

By Alvin Worzi and Hannah N. Geterminah

The political leader of the All Liberian Party (ALP), Benoni W. Urey, has described Senator George Weah of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) as a “good, humble and respectful person” that should not be given the Liberian presidency, “because he is being controlled by an evil hand.”

Urey, who spoke unequivocally without mincing his words, named President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf as “the evil hand” that is controlling the CDC standard bearer.

At an elaborate ceremony where he and the executive committee members and the entire ALP endorsed the presidential bid of the vice president and standard bearer of the ruling Unity Party (UP), Joseph N. Boakai, Urey said President Sirleaf was responsible for many problems in Liberia, adding that she is prepared to leave Liberia in problems with the support given to Senator Weah.

Urey said “President Sirleaf is the worst thing that has ever happened to Liberia,” especially over the past 40 years.

“She has had hands in all of the trouble and problems we have had in this country; and she still wants to be in control by supporting the presidential bid of Senator Weah. We will turn this country over to the real people,” Urey said, adding that it was unfortunate for President Sirleaf, who has said the worst things about Senator Weah, to begin supporting his presidential bid.

“I want to call on all partisans, supporters, fans and sympathizers of the ALP to vote VP Boakai, because we have President Sirleaf and Jerome G. Korkoya of the National Elections Commission (NEC) now wanting to make Weah president,” he said.

According to Urey, any standard bearer who doesn’t support the presidential bid of VP Boakai does not love Liberia, and should not be given the opportunity to lead Liberia now or in the future.

The Vice President of Liberia, and standard-bearer of Unity Party (UP), Joseph N. Boakai, said Liberia is in a critical condition and needs men and women who can express themselves as well as represent Liberia both nationally and internationally.

“If you make a mistake, we all will live here. When you vote right in this election, you will see your independence. We have to build this country for the benefit of the young people,” VP Boakai urged Liberians.

“We want to make sure that young people can be trained and be able to transform their lives. We are making friends out there not for ourselves, but for the youth population for Liberia.”

The political leader of the All Liberian Party (ALP), Benoni W. Urey, alongside Vice President and Mrs. Boakai at yesterday’s endorsement ceremony held at the ALP headquarters in Monrovia

According to VP Boakai, Liberians are supporting him because they know what he is prepared to bring to Liberia, something he said a lot of people don’t care about, but are rather only interested in being elected.

“No one in Liberia has money, because we have failed to empower Liberians. This is what I want to do for the young people. We cannot give our country to people who say ‘this is our time,’ because ‘our time’ is for people who are prepared,” VP Boakai said.

Boakai lauded Urey for his constancy in Liberian politics and love for Liberia, noting: “It has been demonstrated by providing jobs for young people and helping to change Liberia.”

J. S. B. Theodore Momo, Jr., chairman of the All Liberian Party (ALP), who read the party’s endorsement statement, said: “Like other serious minded Liberians, our movement’s conviction to intervene in the socioeconomic and political agenda of the country was primarily precipitated by the tremendous developmental challenges and neglect the country is being confronted by.”

Momo said the party is resilient in its quest for better governance, because poverty, ignorance and diseases have taken a toll on the population.

“We believe the Liberian people have been reduced to the lowest ebb, while national frustration, anger and ridicule among the people have been comparable to other societies in recent world history,” he said.

He said ALP’s quest for state power, followed by a clear diagnosis of national challenges, presented a national platform centered around fostering an agro-based economy that would eventually give rise to the urgent intervention and acceleration of the other developmental sectors of the country.

They include: infrastructure, education, health, water and electricity, youth empowerment and decentralization, with job creation at the core of the national development engine that would stir the nation towards total recovery.

“The Liberian people are presented with a very peculiar situation of leadership in the second round of the October 10 elections phase, which the ALP leadership have carefully discussed and analyzed and understood very well that there is a need to change the style of leadership in the country,” he said, adding that the decision to take part in the second round of election is also motivated by a deep, sober reflection of “the county’s progress, peace and stability, better leadership and governance, reconciliation, job creation and empowerment of the Liberian.”


  1. Mr. Urey, do you think you’re better than Ellen? If you think so, the majority of Liberian don’t think so of you. You’re mentioned in the TRC report because of the millions of dollars you stole from Maritime, thereby keeping the ordinary Liberian suffering while you’re living better life. Remember that the Lonestar Cell company doesn’t belong to you, but to the Liberian people. You’ll be forgiven, but you must acknowledge your sinful deeds and repent, instead of pointing fingers at others when you’ve not been forgiven.

  2. So Mr. Urey,
    Ellen has evil hands that controlling Weah,
    Who evil hands controlling Mr. Boakai. Let the Liberian people know who is speaking here: Benoni Urey.
    Mr. Urey is presiding on a stolen blood chest passed onto him by Mr. Charles Taylor. Some of the biggest Loot in history. Taylor ran GREATER LIBERIA for 6 years with no accountability. When he was elected president in 1997, he ran the Liberian Government as a totalitarian dictator. In the presence of Benoni Urey Taylor ordered the severe miss handling of former vice president Enoch Dogolea , that lead to his death. I wonder why the TRC didn’t ask Mr. Urey about Dogolea’s death. Taylor sent Benjamin Yaten and special Squad on 29, June 2003 at mid night to the national bank, upon the advancement of LURD on central Monrovia. Forty-one (41) suit cases were taken to the Executive Mansion. Thirty-one of those 41 suit cases were given to a special team led by Benoni Urey. The following Monday, Mr. Urey flew to Abidjan from Sprig Payne Air field. If any Liberian could remember, that was the last flight that left Monrovia before the city fell. Taylor took the balance suit cases with him to Nigeria on Aug. 11, 2003. It is any one guess what did Mr. Urey made an abrupt trip to Abidjan.
    Sources had it that it was the loot from the bank that he took to deposit. Mr. Urey is siting on huge pile of cash that he did not work for. Which of these two hands are evil.

  3. Erro: Line 15. It is anyone guess “What did Mr. Urey made an abrupt trip to Abidjan”.
    Should be, ” Why did Mr. Urey made and abrupt trip to Abidjan”?

  4. Well , Urey may have a point here. Now we can understand why Ellen has not prosecuted him, ‘BIRDS OF THE SAME FEATHER, FLOCK TOGETHER’.

  5. There are some disgruntled Liberians who cannot wait to condemn Urey because he has stated what the truth is. By the way, anytime the truth and nothing but the truth is told, some people become apprehensive. Example, when the Lord Jesus Christ came in this sinful world and told the truth about God’s intentions for mankind, Christ didn’t last! He was sadly put to death because He refused to kow-tow to the whims of Satan and his adherents.
    Urey has unmasked Johnson-Sirleaf big time! It is oxymoronic for a sitting president to endorse an opponent. By endorsing Weah, Johnson-Sirleaf has exposed herself as an apostate. Such is the kind life she has lived.

    It is very highly unlikely that Urey could have told lies about Johnson-Sirleaf’s maniacal activities. At first, I was skeptical about Johnson-Sirleaf’s endorsement of Weah. Now, I am convinced. Thanks Urey! If Johnson-Sirleaf is tired of politics, I can understand given her young age of 78 years. But, what sense does it make to expose oneself as a false prentender?

  6. Ummm!!!!! Urey?
    Let him who doesn’t have evil hands throw the first blame.
    “If our night could turn to day, a lot of us will run away”.

  7. As much as I am not a big fan of Mr. Urey, he’s right on everything that’s stated about Johnson-Sirleaf.
    Few years before Mrs. Sirleaf was elected president, I was not convinced that she’s the one contributed the initial (seed money) amount to start the war in Liberia until she gave her deposition regarding providing Charles Taylor $100,000 to initial the war.
    So yes, everything, starting with the assignation of William Talbert, Doe and now Taylor; Ellen has a hand in all.
    Be careful with her!!

  8. Benoni Urey, If I were you I would keep my mouth shot up. You are one of those who amassed wealth from the Liberia Maritime monies when our country Liberia was bleeding with blood and tears of its citizens

  9. All this discussion should boil down to one question. Who is right for a complex nation such as Liberia with so much corruption? Weah will need to be taught integrity. Boakai is a man of integrity. I think that’s the point that Urey is making. I am also not a fan of Urey but choosing Boakai would be the wisest thing for Liberia to do.

  10. Ellen want to eat her cake and have it, she knows with Weah presidency she can run things,[tofiakwa] Weah presidency will never happen.

  11. Mr. Ben Urey is a close friend of over three decades; and the relationship will be unchanged as long as he is the law abiding citizen many admire. Moreover, he has been correct and prescient in many of his public statements (notably, on Ebola) long before founding ALP. However, if the “Evil one” appellation targets EJS regarding endorsement or support during the elections, he misspoke; especially so, when it is public knowledge that the major presidential candidates continuously courted her for some form of support or the other.

    Strangely, since the twilight of World War 11, we have described all our presidents – Tubman, Tolbert, Doe, Taylor, Ellen – in derogatory terms; yet most of us haven’t given serious thought to why no one reaching the Executive Mansion has been spared such opprobrium. And unsurprisingly, according those with front row seats, these Heads of State weren’t the personification of Lucifer many believe, never mind the disparate paths they took to seek and keep power.

    So if the fault isn’t in their characters, per se, it must lodge within the system. To be specific, a constitution which grants otherwise endearing ordinary folks god – like authority and power over everything and everybody to the extent that an incumbent president’s blessing is a must – have or sine qua non for a presidential candidate. This makes devolution or decentralization of Executive Branch power a logical condition, sine qua non, for genuine reconciliation, long term stability, and lasting peace.

    Normally, to safely cut excess fat from the power of a Third World presidency is best achieved with the concurrence of a current president, or towards end of a final term. But, unfortunately, few months this year were squandered in crises management measures at the Supreme Court and NEC – ranging from Code of Conduct challenges to elections’ result disputes.

    Once again, an advice:

    Lest we forget, the machinery of government hums perfectly when maintenance mechanics – policy makers and implementers – are proactive; whereas, reactiveness has become our second nature. Thus, people, let’s unchain ourselves from the dictatorship of the imperial presidency before the “relative peace” we are so proud of implodes. Otherwise, two years hence, we may start calling the next president (VP Boakai or Senator Weah) a liar, rogue, even, the “Evil one”.

  12. Thank you Mr. Urey you had said the truth but many Liberian will not believe what you are saying. President Ellen is a complete evil, she had made Liberia to be a country with out trust, unity, true leadership. Ma Ellen is the evil hand behind George Weah. Ellen is demonic, evil.

  13. While all these Old Order politicians cannot exclude themselves from what happened to Liberia for the past 30 years, it is just ironic that a sitting president will abandon her vice president who has served with her for 2 terms of her presidency. If she thought that Boakai was that incapable of being a President of Liberia, why didn’t she choose a running mate for the second term. As for me, something is not adding up here. It is very fishy. Where in the world has a sitting president abandoned his/her vice president in recent time?
    I have been in the US for the past thirty something years. When I got here in 1986, there was a pressure group lobbying the US congress to remove President Samuel K. Doe and be replaced by Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. It sometimes brought heated argument between my host who was in favor of Ellen and Dr. Joseph Korto who was against. Dr. Korto is still alive ask him. This was in Baltimore. Even though I am not fond of Urey, it is true that this Ellen fight started During the last days of Tolbert, all of Doe’s administration, made Charles Taylor and abandoned him when he could no longer takes her command. I some how agree with Benoni Urey.

  14. To answer your question, Mr. Guawon Siasia, President Siaka Stevens of Sierra Leone abandoned his first and second vice presidents – Sorie Ibrahim Koroma and Kamara Taylor (senior founding members of the APC Party), and handed over the presidency to Army Brigadier General Saidu Momoh. This year, 2017, President Ernest Koroma jumped over his own Vice President, Victor Foh, and got two other partisans on the party’s ticket for next year’s presidential race. Not to mention that he virtually drove his previous Vice President Ansuma out of office and replaced him with Victor Foh.

    This isn’t to suggest that abandoning VP Boakai is a norm, or a good thing. On the other hand, it was an open secret that EJS had indicated that she and her vice president were retiring together, and turning the leadership of the party over to a “younger generation” before interparty bickering soured relationships between she and many in the party.

    The above is simply to put the EJS – Boakai schism in context. Mind you, providing background information doesnt excuse, rationalize, or justify any decision to not support him. But, at least, readers have a better understanding of UP’s sore which continues to fester at any real or imagined slight. Moreover, perceptually, a sense of resignation seems to be sapping its original exuberance when endorsements for the VP from legislators were pouring in like August rain; and that doesn’t bode well for a tough race on December 26.


  16. Bah,
    My net is in the water. I hope to fetch the fish I yearn for. I wait patiently on the Lord to make a miracle happen.

    Bah, I have always maintained a low profile on blaming EJS from east to west. But, my doubt was confirmed yesterday when Urey, a former colleague of hers, exposed Madam EJS without being afraid of any reprisal. Secondly, I was distraught to read in FPA yesterday that EJS and Weah broke ground simultaneously in Bong County.

    Bah, I am not crestfallen because a project has been started in Bong county. I do believe that a road construction project in Bong county is a bonanza economically. What weakens my reserve is the fact that a sitting president, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, has done the dumbest thing in history! Johnson-Sirleaf broke ground with sen. Weah in broad daylight. By breaking ground with Weah who happens to be her Vice President’s opponent, Johnson-Sirleaf tells the Liberian people to shut up and go to hell. My worst fears have been confirmed and that’s why I wait on the Almighty God to step in.

    It is unheard of for a sitting president to endorse a candidate of a different party. EJS is a turncoat!
    From the piece I read, Johnson-Sirleaf stipulated that she was sorry because the VP was unable to be at the ground-breaking ceremony. The lameduck president also said that the project was originally proposed by VP Boakai. But guess what? We the people were not told what thecircumstances were that prevented VP Boakai’s presence. In fact, sen. Weah was hushed up! In other words, Weah did not speak at all at the ceremony, rather, Howard-Taylor, the Bong county senator and Weah’s vice presidential running mate spoke. What a scam and a shame!

    Okay, there are usually two senators and representatives who represent each county, so Bong county is not an exception. But, during that occasion, one of Bong county’s senators spoke. Where were the two duly elected Representatives and Howard-Taylor’s Senate colleague? Lost in oblivion, hushed up or not informed. In any case ladies and gentlemen, Johnson-Sirleaf knew precisely what she was up to.

    Ladies and gentlemen, it is often said that Liberia is a developing country. Please bear with me. Don’t believe that at all. Liberia is not developing. Liberia is a “stagnated country” under Johnson-Sirleaf.

  17. Rodney Chesson,
    Every time you write, all letters of yours are capitalized. Why is that?
    By the way Rodney, why are you so obsessed with the “originals” of Liberia?

    I use the word original instead of “Native” because you are a native of Liberia. You were born in Liberia. The incontrovertible truth is that you “identify” yourself as an Americo-Liberian. That’s good! No evil done. But you are not superior to any Liberian, but yourself!

    Now, there’s nothing wrong when a person identifies himself or herself as an Americo-Liberian. To say you’re an Americo-Liberian is the equivalent of saying, “I am a proud Marylander who happens to be a Grebo fella” or a “dignified Bassan or an articulate Nimbian”.
    Unfortunately, some Americo or Congau Liberians use stereotypical words like “native” to disparage their fellow compatriots. I see that as being disengenious! It is also the equivalent of “black on black” crime.

    You also write your comments without considering the use of a paragraph. Everything you write is jammed up.

    Get over that native crap! When we all work together as patriotic Liberians, we will achieve greatly. If an Americo-Liberian is elected as senator of Maryland county, I will support him or her. Similarly, I will support a Kpelle, Gio or Via man or woman who represents my interest.

    Get over that hump!

  18. Mr. Urey spoke truth to the power! What more will Liberians be afraid to say or do?
    This Ellen Sirleaf woman brought war to Liberia and turned everybody’s life upside
    down. At a time the Liberian people are asking themselves: “Why and how can I
    forgive this woman?” She added the last, I hope this will be the last, stroke of
    messing up the October 10, 2017 elections. Thus, plunging the country into another
    nightmare of election confusion just to say good-bye and leave the people in an
    unbelievable ugly state.

  19. Mr. Urey spoke truth to the power! What more will Liberians be afraid to say or do?
    This Ellen Sirleaf woman brought war to Liberia and turned everybody’s life upside
    down. At a time the Liberian people are asking themselves: “Why and how can I
    forgive this woman?” She added the last, I hope this will be the last, stroke of
    messing up the October 10, 2017 elections. Thus, plunging the country into another
    nightmare of election confusion just to say good-bye and leave the people in an
    unbelievable ugly state.
    (This is not a du;licate at all)

  20. Mr. Rodney Chesson’s obsession with ethnicity, and, now, complexion could indicate insecurity masquerading as superiority; of course, a more curious man would’ve traced his bloodline to clear the confusion. It is telling that he claims EJS’s “LITE-SKIN BAMBOOZLES THE NATIVES” when she actually got the lighter skin tone from her “Native” Kru mother.

  21. Tell me something, Mr. Hney, this Chesson guy is like a MAD MAN.
    I have read his comments on both FPA and the Daily Observer. He always using bad words. If Mr. Chesson is mad with the Indigenous people of Liberia, it is unfortunate that he is directing his anger at the wrong people. I m not here to open “old wounds”. No Indigenous son or daughter is responsible for being who they are. We see ourselves being born to that group of family and culture. It is something that transcend every human kind. One can choose his wife, girlfriends, belief etc. One cannot choose the family you are born to or the color of your skin.
    If Mr. Chesson is a racist, there is no place for him in Liberia, we are here to discuss the feature of Liberia and share ideas, we are not here to hate anyone.

  22. Bah,
    Chesson exposes himself as a narcissist. In addition to that, Chesson has an internal conflict. Chesson wrongly assumes that his internal conflict can be resolved by disparaging the “originals” of Liberia. That is very disingenuous on his part. I strongly believe that thousands of Americo-and Congau Liberians are not in sync with his ideology of supremacy. Frankly, he’s a loner! But, if others share his misinformed ideology, they will find out quickly that they are in the minority and Liberians will move on regardless.

    Bah, the issue you’ve raised above is well- balanced on the scale of reality. Liberians are at a precipice of a major event. As we try to monitor and rationalize the political landscape in Liberia, it makes no sense to waste our precious time on a disgruntled man like Chesson . No, Chesson will not succeed with his hate-mongering campaign.
    However, as we repudiate Chesson’s provocative actions, let’s not shout profanities at him neither should we threaten him in any way. Hopefully one of these days, Chesson will get on the road to Damascus!



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