Ellen Gives $100 Each to Motorcyclists for the Holidays

Minister Wlue said all pem-pem drivers should wear a protective mask, and accommodate one passenger per ride.

On Saturday, December 21, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, gave over 15,000 Liberian dollars to a group of motorcyclists as Christmas gifts in Central Monrovia.

According to Colonel Abraham Kromah, Deputy Police Director for Operation, the concern of all Liberians remains a priority to President Sirleaf. He said the Christmas gift was a kind gesture from the Liberian leader in celebration of the holiday season.

Mr. Kromah said the views of the motorcyclists must be heard as they are part of the Liberian society. He was, however, quick to point out that Liberia was a country of law and said that no violation would be taken lightly by the security sector.

There have been recent reports that the cyclists have threatened to demonstrate in Monrovia.

“I respect the motorcyclists a lot and always do my best to work with them. The police have no bad intentions towards them and we will continue to work them collectively to maintain the rule of law in the country,” Col. Kromah explained.

He said President Sirleaf has been visiting a number of communities in and around Monrovia giving gifts in accordance with the celebration of the Christmas season.

Col. Kromah was asked by the motorcyclists to supervise the sharing of the money so they could avoid any potential conflicts.

The Dep. Police Director said the regulation on motorcyclists in Central Monrovia remains intact as police safe guard the process of reducing accidents in the country.

Speaking on behalf of the motorcyclists was Mohammad Konneh, who expressed gratitude to the President for her concern. He pleaded with the President to release from detention their spokesman, who was picked up by the police, following what the some police officers said were inciteful comments coming the Motorcyclists Union Security General.

Konneh urged his colleagues to remain law-abiding citizens of the country. 


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