Ellen Frowns at ‘Abuses’ on Social Media


President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has denounced the spate of abuses that has been posted on social media by Liberians during the recent elections , suggesting that the country’s democracy is at stake if it continues.

The President’s statement came yesterday, less than two hours after Jerome Korkoya, chairman of the National Elections Commission (NEC), declared campaign open for the runoff between George Weah of the opposition Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) and Vice President Joseph N. Boakai of the governing Unity Party (UP).

The runoff, Korkoya said, will be held on November 7, since none of the 20 political parties that participated in the October 10 presidential elections obtained the 50 percent plus one of the total votes cast as required by the Liberian Constitution.

However, President Sirleaf said she has observed that a week following the end of the first round of voting on October 10, her attention was drawn to a surge of abuses displayed on social media (mostly on Facebook) by Liberians, which she said are extremely inimical to the survival of the country’s peace and democracy.

“We condemn the abuse and misuse of social media through the use of invectives, hate speech and outright vulgarity, which denigrates adversaries with whom we might hold disagreement,” the President said.

She said that in light of the progress her government has made, “I call on our fellow citizens to remain civil, responsible and continue to be tolerant of diverging opinions and views that might not necessarily be favorable to ours.”

She said further that resorting to profanities on social media contributes nothing to the national discourse, “but only serves to taint our national and international image.

“We must all express our indignation to this unacceptable way of politicking and seek to continue the decent democratic values that have brought us this far as a nation and people,” the President said.

As Liberians pat themselves on the back for peacefully voting in the October 10 polls, all must continue to demonstrate the same path of love for country by and through each of their individual actions, she said.

The President also admonished that all Liberians should focus on how they will consolidate the democratic gains made over the last 12 years by voting peacefully and nationalistically, respecting the law and keeping the peace for the greater good of Mama Liberia.


    • OK, since you are so smart, why don’t you apply for the position. I believe, your people will be glad to have you replace the dull chairman.

  1. With all due respect Madam, your advice is belated, because you are the cause of these abuses. You are no respecter of the rule of law, therefore you have polluted our society with your tendency of pushing things under the carpet. You have protected law-breakers, in the name of protecting the peace, so your subjects have gotten used to living recklessly. However, I will not spare this opportunity to commend you for all the positive aspects of your regime. Thanks Madam President.

  2. I must commend you for your role as president of Liberia and a respecter of civil liberties, your indelible make will continue to be seen and your contribution to society at large remembered. As you turn over peacefully there is still place for you to continue those great job and advocacies you continue to proffers

  3. EJS is right about potential dangers of the slew of profanities at this point in a crucial presidential race. Even professional boxers who trade trash talk slow down during heat of fights. Liberians are already divided in other tangential particularities, so we shouldn’t allow political polarization to go beyond the run – off election. Rather than further division, what the Country – Congua vast majority would prefer is reconciliation starting with a government of national unity in 2018.

  4. When society let people down everyone goes crazy and frustrated. The roots of our problems are bitter. If Ellen Johnson Sirleaf had focused on resolving some, it would haven been so sweet. But rather, it was a slap in everyone’s faces with massive corruptions. Until everyone to benefit from the country resources, until people see and feel respected by government officials, until the next update of Social Media, we will express ourselves. The only reason why you are talking about it because you are reading and shock because you never had this option during your era. It is interesting and good for Africa. It will strengthen democracy around the world. Although, “the strength of a nation derives from the integrity of the home, people remain frustrated and resentful of politicians. Liberian politicians need to listen. Ma Ellen, as you’re called, please stop playing hard ball because your polivies were terrible. I would rather listen to any of these guys to address this these issues because it is going to be rough to govern. You embarrassed the vp, who could not run on your policies. You disappointed women. You failed to put competent people in office while running all over the globe collecting aids to enrich herself. Look where we are today, Liberians are facing objects poverty and divisiveness. As Randall Terry stated, “What it is coming down to is who runs the country. It’s us against them. It’s the good guys versus the bad guys. It’s the God-fearing people against the pagans, and some of the pagans are going to church”. Although I do not agreed with some of his criticism in the pass but in the context of Liberia, I agreed. Liberians are frustrated and tired. Liberians are becoming inpatient with the status code. We do not want rheotoric, we want action, it has been far too long. Get over it, social media is here to stay, that is what given rise to the 21st century generation to protect, serve, and become better leaders for tomorrow’s generationsto come. Yor Yor!, power to the 21st century to express oneself any kind of ways. Thank you God for giving us social media. Old generation called it abuse, 21st century generation called it freedom of expression. “A new era will dawn in Africa, when the impoverished masses of a nation rise up to rescue their right to decent life from the hands of the ruling oligarchs”. By Che Guevara.

  5. The existence of the Republic of Liberia depends on the Liberian people themselves. This nation, a glorious land of liberty given by our founders shall long be ours, regardless who comes and goes, whether they came to help or for share. Wait for time when the next leader is elected.
    Gone to silence. Let the Liberian people know.

  6. Madam President,As the saying goes,give a person his/her’s flower when they r stay alive.You came and did your”s part but also accept your’s mistakes made.As i see all this,you made of big mistake that also help to continue such a flame.As you been avocating against nepotism,corruptions and other illls in society as well of not delivering what all you have been condaming others ,term to be your”s pratices in your”s government.Mainly,the area of nepotism including the hardship in your’s regime also exhibits such.Especially,in this era,liberian,have travel and seen other countries and will aspect to see some if not all going on in the nation.So no matter who become the next President,will have more to deal with in the new kind of liberia.Just hope and pray that,the new incoming administration try to work on foreign and local investment for the liberian people and encourages liberian bussinesses to grow.To grow,is to work on some essentive for liberians living abroad whose want to invest and establish bussineses to help employ other liberian.But,the goverment have to look at duties at the at the port of entries on goods and services.I am saying this,cuz,this has been some of the main problem that contributing to the higher price of goods and services in this Ellen “s goverment.With out this,Things will just continue to get worst for our”s people which,could have a direct negitive inpact on the peace we now been yeilding for all those years.As the saying goes,”An hungry man ,is an angry men”.Hope liberian will not allow this time to fail away but think about the next generations in working together to make and continue a safe environment for the nation
    and sercurity of the state and we as a strong and civilize nation.May the lord save the nation and its People,God bless us all and Mama Liberia!!Go!!Liberia strong!!!Conduse!!

  7. Famed French philosopher, writer, and humanist Voltaire stated, “I wholly disagree with what you say and will contend to the death for your right to say it” was a nod to free speech over two centuries before the advent of internet.

    The fact of the matter is that “abuses on social media” can’t be considered a civic duty, or impactful political engagement. No matter the misperceptions of some, civility and courtesy toward audience are still integral to effective communications, verbal & written.

    Writing shorthand in pidgin English, sometimes, doesn’t give us the right to use abusive language on social media!

  8. The People of Liberia, and the present 57% in charge of executive actions, at this point, will continue to control the intangible, imaginary part of this election until power is inaugurated, and turned over to the appropriate actual winner, by Liberians themselves, without any outside international interference. Regardless who is campaigning, coming in the nation to spy, observe, help peace, take trade piece, find party or independent, individual interest, or any other purpose. Liberia at this point needs another President and Liberians must peacefully and factually find this leader this themselves. Promises made by canvasses are bound to meet these platforms to the Liberian public even after elections, whether they won this time or not, otherwise they will not ever be elected. Liberians have learned many lessons, weather verbal, silent, literate, illiterate, ethnic, tribal, etc.. or what group you may identify yourself with, a vote is a vote, an abstinence is to abstain, your conscience to geared to freedom of choice. Only Liberians are entitled to their own souvenir. Our secret heritage is also our sovereignty. Officers in uniform should not go to the ballot box to vote in uniforms (includes weapons plus accessories attached) unless on duty. Plain civil (cloths without instruments) is protected security for military. Schedules should be arranged by their security supervisors so that they can be replaced with civilian attires if they would like to on options exercise their right to abstain or vote. We will not repeat the past when soldiers and securities intimidated the voting rights under rebel (Tyrant) and military rules. The power of leadership is the power of actual majority leadership in Liberia. This is a responsibility, an obligation given by our original forefathers to all Liberians, party affiliated or not, before or after election activities. If we examine the past we will discover that crisis came because we did meet these promises sworn on holy instincts. The consequences of God’s commands is a miracle in misery. Officers in uniforms, army or not, are not statues, they are human just as civilians under the nation’s status. The military and civil cooperate with equal respect for various codes. Just as the Liberian military code of justice should be respected in and out of camp, so should also the civilian code of justice be respected. This is the reason why the Liberian executive instituted provides for a dual personality, not dual citizenry, ordered in its existence by our founders. Unlike, the legislative named for electing the making of the state’s governed rules, while appointing the constitutional truth of its laws, respectively. This is part of our heritage and should be taken seriously, especially during election time. Every Liberian has a freedom of choice and is equally protected, subject to the law by constitution provisions which have been enacted. It is true that Officers in uniform have no side except only the people of Liberia. The Republic of Liberia. Liberians, be informed.


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