‘Ellen Dismissed George on Credible Info’

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The Executive Protective Service (EPS) Director, Sam Gaye, on Monday, January 30, told Criminal Court ‘B’ at the Temple of Justice that President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf dismissed Darlington George based on credible information she received about him allegedly brutalizing Esther Glain.

Prior to his dismissal from the EPS, Darlington George served as the Deputy Director for Operations.

Director Gaye’s testimony came when he was subpoenaed by state lawyers to produce the investigative report that led President Sirleaf to dismiss the defendant.

In his testimony, Director Gaye claimed that when he took over as director, he was briefed by his office staff about defendant George’s involvement in an allegation of simple assault, for which the President dismissed him.

“There was no investigation conducted by the EPS into the alleged assault that caused the President’s action,” Gaye told the court.

Defendant George and another EPS officer, James Tamba, who was then assigned with Vice President Joseph Boakai, were charged with aggravated and simple assaults, and criminal facilitation in connection with the reported brutal act against Esther Glain in the Barnersville Estate Community in 2015.

Further to his testimony, Gaye claimed to have received the information when the President got hint of reports that two EPS officers had allegedly assaulted a lady.

“Upon hearing that, the President swiftly took the information as being credible and went straight to dismiss her two guards,” Gaye said.

“President Sirleaf acted upon the allegation she had received about the incident.”

Asked how the case ended up at the police, which subsequently charged the pair, Gaye answered, “I am not sure how the matter went to the police, but the matter was referred by the President.”

Asked if he was aware of the case, he responded: “I did not know anything about the entire matter.”

The case continues.


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