Ellen Disagrees with ‘Christian State,’ Accepts Dual Citizenship

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The chairperson of the Governance Commission, Dr. Amos C. Sawyer, has disclosed that President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf personally disagrees with the quest for Liberia to be declared a ‘Christian State’ and has called on the National Legislature not to pass it into law.
At the Information Ministry’s regular Thursday press briefing on Capitol Hill in Monrovia, Dr. Sawyer said apart from President Sirleaf, he believes that no citizen, particularly a patriotic leader, will support such a position to declare Liberia a Christian State.
“We believe that the issue of making Liberia a Christian State is contentious and we don’t need to be protected by state security in the name of worshiping Christ Jesus. The Constitution also speaks of free practice of religion and we don’t believe that making Liberia a Christian State is good judgment,” Dr. Sawyer explained.
He further explained that Madam Sirleaf has sent a proposal to the National Legislature supporting the issue of dual citizenship, with supporting reasons, including Liberians who had to leave the country due to the civil crisis but continued to make contributions to families back in Liberia.
“This issue is not new to Africa because many countries have dual citizenship and continue to gain the benefits, so in the President’s judgment, she reconciled with it and communicated to the Lawmakers and the Legislators the need to consider the issue of dual citizenship to Liberians who have taken up other nationalities,” Dr. Sawyer explained.
He said looking at Liberia’s position and commitment to the International Declaration on Human Rights, and all other rights and protocols, considering the time this clause was put into the constitution and change now, Liberia needs to change itself.
On the work of the Governance Commission (GC) and Constitution Review Committee (CRC) toward local empowerment, he explained that expanding Liberia’s physical infrastructure, including access to roads; economic activities and other deliverables remain cardinal in helping Liberia achieve its development goals.
Dr. Sawyer emphasized the need for Liberians to engage in full coordination and institutional development to address Liberia’s development challenges.
Dr. Sawyer stressed on infrastructure development, including ports, electricity and roads among others as the hallmark of Liberia’s development, which generate power and connect various communities as well as empower locals with support to their livelihoods.
“We need to focus on human capacity building, the kind of human and infrastructure needed for Liberia’s development. If the capacities of the people are built, they become the caretakers of the development and the beneficiaries,” he noted.
Dr. Sawyer said that the Governance Commission has “been engaged in coordinating a sizable sector of governance and institutional development that is within the software package for empowering locals and developing Liberia.”
He explained that if anyone in other parts of the country intends to focus on the private sector with electricity, roads connectivity, it is possible for such individual to utilize and develop within the process; but said if the infrastructure is absent, it becomes difficult to succeed.
Dr. Sawyer described the coming of people from the rural counties and communities to Monrovia to carry out their business registration as a serious challenge to making progress and feeling the impact of the economy.
He noted, “We cannot use our roads effectively if we don’t engage in improving the infrastructure. The road maintenance cannot be centralized in Monrovia, including the issuing of drivers’ licenses. This makes the governance infrastructure important.”
Dr. Sawyer said the CRC in its 25-count document also talks about the reduction of the Presidency from 6 to 4 years, Senators tenure from 9 to 6 years, and Representatives tenure from 6 to 4 years.


  1. How long for this world of mankind will last any longer? The question whether or not that
    Liberia should be declared a Christian State is being fought strongly by those who came
    here and where they came from are hanging over their original country an Islamic state
    with jihad, etc … Those religious leaders and others including President Ellen Johnson-
    Sirleaf and Dr. Amos Sawyer have lost their senses, that the whole world including Liberia
    belongs to the Almighty God and, therefore, they do not have play game as to who owns
    this country called Liberia.

    Those who founded the country did not have the slightest doubt in mind that today, Liberia
    being founded on Christian principles would have suffered so much in their hands.

  2. In as much as sometimes facts can be manipulated by lust political lies can be used as an opportunity to stir-up issues that have been tested and solved. We cannot repeat such gimmicks and the silent majority 57% now in control will not allow you to cause violence prior to this election of the next new President of the Republic of Liberia. We know who Liberians are. We also are aware of those enacted decrees in the nation that caused our past civil war. We see the sentiments of some who would like to have dual citizenship to suit their personal identities, interest and power after wealth. We worn you that the Liberian way will always be a secret heritage for only the generations of our forefathers and founders. Liberians have connections to and was established because slavery was dual to this set of people so they set for freedom to have the name Liberia and a way of life. If you are not civilized toward this way you need to leave. The next may not have a space. How many of the Liberian languages can you read, speak, or write to know how they have in stock in silence to demand the secrecy of their heritage? After the next new Liberian Administration is in we the people of the Republic of Liberia will know what you have achieved, destroyed in the interest of the Liberian people and determine whether you are a settler, aborigine, chief, elder, son and daughter, or those that follow, or those that come for piece or peace, no matter what you think you know. We will have a peaceful transition and Liberian cutlasses on the few of all trouble makers who intent to prevent the security of our freedom of choice, to vote and note to vote.
    Do not answer my box. Gone to 57% silent majority brought forward you might have not been part of in silence.


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