2017 Polls ‘An Election by Us’

President Sileaf addresses the public

-Pres. Sirleaf calls for all to remain Peaceful during Campaign period

This year’s presidential and representative elections will be the first to be solely organized and executed by Liberians since 1985; therefore, its success will definitely show how far of age Liberians have come. And it is in this vein that President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has described the upcoming polls as a test of the political maturity of Liberians.

In a nationwide address on Monday, a day when the official campaigning exercises officially began, the President said “the 2017 elections will signal our irreversible course on the path of peace and democracy. This is the first general elections organized by us, conducted by us, and therefore all ours.”

The President’s address, which she delivered from her Foreign Ministry office in Monrovia, was meant to encourage Liberians to remain peaceful throughout the election process. “This election will be a test to our maturity as political leaders and as a people who work to make the right choice,” she said.

The President committed her administration to do all in its power to ensure a peaceful environment within which political campaigns will be conducted. She also assured that the administration will mobilize the resources of the state to ensure that all phases of the electoral process, including the campaign phase, are successful and that the Liberian people can once again elect leaders of their choice. “I am convinced that after the elections, we will regroup as a proud and determined nation to proceed with the development of our country,” she noted.

“As the campaign develops, let us strive to focus our discussions on the bigger issues and challenges of our society. You must be clear on the kind of country we want for ourselves and posterity; and we must seek to inform and enlighten the electorate, treat each other with respect and clarify choices while sustaining our electoral environment free of violence and conflicts.”

On the first day of campaigning, there were reports of opponents tearing down posters of rival presidential candidates on 20th Street, Sinkor, outside Monrovia. There were also reports of taunting by sympathizers of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) representative aspirant Thomas Fallah of Montserrado County District #5 by some unidentified youth in the commercial district of Red-Light. Rep. Fallah is seeking a 3rd term after emerging victorious in 2005 and 2011 on the ticket of the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC).

In an effort to ensure a violence-free election, the President said she hosted 20 of the 22 presidential candidates and other political leaders last Sunday, and they exchanged views on pertinent issues relative to the holding of a successful electoral process. The president, meanwhile, lauded the political actors who had earlier committed to the Farmington River Declaration to ensure a peaceful election. The Farmington River Declaration was signed by a majority of the political leaders on June 4 in the presence of ECOWAS Heads of State and representatives of the international community in Margibi County. “We hold them, as political leaders who seek the highest office of our land, to act with dignity and responsibility that benefits the office, to live up to their commitment to ensuring violence-free elections, and to seek mediation when differences pose a threat to the campaign process,” she noted.

She said she was particularly pleased that party leaders expressed their confidence in the NEC to conduct its functions and urged the National Elections Commission to continue to do all within its power to prepare adequately and operate efficiently and effectively during the campaign phase of the electoral process.

The President disclosed that she used the Sunday meeting to remind political players about the need to establish a hotline, as provided for in the Farmington River Declaration, to facilitate rapid communication and prompt preventive action on their part, the leadership of NEC, the national security forces and the Mediation Committee.


  1. This incumbent’s ability to be neutral in this election means avoiding usage of Government properties by any particular party or independent canvassing. (2) Getting the public to see that her departure as a leaving President cannot permit any association with any candidate or even her own party. (3) leaving with the people the actual count, and her swift instincts in turning over 34% share to the silent majority which kept her in power to retain for the rest of peace, prosperity and stability after she is gone.
    We should not forget that corruption does not only mean stealing government money. There are various forms. For example, stealing power or functions to give to party or individual of interest. Tampering with areas of campaigning and replaced scheduling. Politicizing and/or gimmicking for purpose of forceful intent to cause riot and violence. Re introducing tyranny to bring war again to remain in power. This President and her present NEC should be completely isolated from all candidates under the protection of the control of the present 57% silent majority that owns most registered voters from the last presidential election until after the next presidential election count. We must not make any mistakes. This nation has lacked self governance, with strange peacemakers, caused by blood shed, unrest, sanctions not sanitized, diseases without heath care, food etc… for too long. The silent majority will not accept this to happen again. The next generation to come will not pay for this. It must be paid for this coming election scheduled for October 10, 2017. Abstain from voting or vote your own conscience. The ballot box, free and completely fair is the next direct to Liberia.
    Answer the Liberian people. Gone in silence.

  2. Whether any hack or jack me, some can jack and hack too. It is possible for a presidential candidate to win out of 20 canvasses, over 50% of registered voters if each vote is substantially a choice of conscience and person will without material or tyrant influence from another or party precautions. It is this Incumbent’s responsibility to insure that the voters are not under pressure, are voting for candidates they prefer themselves. The voter and the ballot only one at a time. This woman president should be checking the voters record handed by NEC instead of going around gossiping. She will not go back to the campaign trail. She should be busy making sure security is at the highest at voting polls and booths. With few more days to go, we cannot allow this 34% incumbent executive to be seen in the public in the politics of gimmicks. The silent majority 57% will stand over her until she gets the votes right. So sorry relative or not, you will not be able to come in contact for counting and election security reasons. Go and run your own campaign for yourself in peace, party or not. Last time telling you who canvassing or looking for positions. Do not bring your gimmicks or stealing, or corruption or totalitarianism around the precincts when its time to vote. My Liberian GI’s are watching with my big spies & instruments every move around election areas used to check Liberians plus votes. Only numbers and Liberian people in this one. No more for nothing empty talk-talk here. Liberian numbers only. 2+2=4, exact science.
    I am gone in silence. If you call This J.T. back before this next Presidential election time, you will pay something in Liberian leafs whether you understand Liberian or not.

  3. One presidential canvass win can come out of more than 25 candidates if Liberians start voting for themselves without fear and intimidation. Fix it now.
    Do not answer me. Going in silence on my own.

  4. “Our Irreversible course on the path of peace and democracy”.

    Indeed, such statement required prior commitment to executing the relevant policy goals; evidently, policy goals President Sirleaf had decided long time ago to be undecided about. Instead, the “Mother of the civil war”, so well – positioned by birth and international support to reconcile the people and galvanize the nation via equality of opportunities, was preoccupied with ensuring the massive financial enrichment of self, family, friends, fans and apologists in the midst of vast poverty.

    Amazingly, her gross mishandling of the economy, frequent sabotaging of the independence of the Legislature and Judiciary, undermining authority of the Justice Ministry, fondness for punishing free speech, ceaseless violations of Human rights and so on belied the rosy resume, and her two elections’ platforms.

    Mind you, our criticisms aren’t personal, they are simply guardrails for presidential hopefuls that EJS governed the country eratically and dangerously, hence she isn’t by any stretch a role model. Truth be told, what she got away with in the past five years would have provoked civil uproar in any ECOWAS country. And the fact that didn’t happen exemplified the patience and stoicism of all our people: Kudos to them.

    Finally, that the first Black President of the United States snubbed Liberia, but went to Ghana and Senegal in the sub – region, underscored his disgust with the rot passing for governance under EJS. That’s why those singing praises for a lady whose unconscionable betrayal of millions of suffering people may have already sowed the seeds of pending conflict – in a postwar country – isn’t only unprincipled, it is shameful and unpatriotic.


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