Ellen Commissions Nyenabo Ambassador


President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has commissioned former Grand Gedeh Senator  Isaac W. Nyenabo, instructing him to go forth and represent the people and interests of the Liberian state to his areas of assignment.

The Senator now-turned- diplomat, was commissioned as Ambassador to the Kingdom of Belgium with concurrent accreditations to the Kingdom of Netherlands, Grand Duchy of Luxemburg and the European Union, respectively.

Nyenabo received his letters of credence during a ceremony which took place in the Cabinet Room at the Foreign Ministry on Tuesday, an Executive Mansion statement said. President Sirleaf expressed her confidence in the integrity of Ambassador Nyenabo and praised his capability and level of interaction in his legislative work.

Ambassador Isaac Nyenabo  was challenged by President Sirleaf on his responsibilities as Liberia’s ambassador to Belgium and the European Union (EU), which she referred to as two of Liberia’s strongest development partners that have tremendously contributed to the country’s development aspirations.

President Sirleaf also stressed the need for maintaining a strategic presence in Belgium and at the EU. She acknowledged that although she and the former Senator did not always agree on every issue, he remained constructive in his observations and sometimes became an advocate for the government.

The new ambassador thanked President Sirleaf for his preferment and said he welcomes the challenges ahead but noted that he takes solace in “defining a set of objectives: say what you want and then consider the obstacles. Never must the objectives be renounced in favor of the obstacles.” 

He assured President Sirleaf that he would perform to her expectation by implementing Liberia’s foreign policy program in terms of attracting genuine investments, trade and commerce as well as securing the needed resources to assist with fostering the Agenda for Transformation (AfT) and lifting the country to middle income level by 2030.

Ambassador Nyenabo recalled the role of the EU in  Liberia’s recovery, especially  in the areas of peace and security, food security, human capacity building, budget support and the aggressive fight against Ebola.


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