Elephants Touring Nimba From Guinea Reach Ivorian Border

Elephants from Guinea walking through Nimba County, Liberia

Creating recreational attraction for youngsters in communities along the travel route

The pair of elephants touring Nimba from the Guinea has reached the Ivorian border, generating excitement and creating recreation for many young Liberians along the route the animals are traveling.

The pair of elephants entered Liberia from the Guinean forest about a month ago in one of the villages near Sanniquellie, the provincial capital of Nimba County, to the utmost surprise of many inhabitants of the community where they first entered the country.

It was so exciting to see citizens from the nearby communities rushing to the village to see an elephant for the first time. Some carried raw bananas, plantains and wild fruits to offer the elephants.

The elephants have been very peaceful in their movement from place to place in the Gboa Chiefdom near Sanniquellie, before crossing the main highway to Sanniquellie from Ganta and then to the Gbor Administrative District, near Bahn, where farmers encountered some damages on their farms.

The Forestry Development Authority and their Ivorian counterpart have been guiding the wildlife species and following trail to determine their actual destination, urging the citizens, especially, the farmers, to remain calm and avoid harming them in any way.

The FDA rangers have been guiding the elephants to see where they will end up.

The FDA urged the citizens to protect the elephants, explaining that elephants usually migrate when they lose their habitat or when their environment becomes threatened or unsafe because of hunting, mining and other disruptive activities.

The environmental group under the banner “Everyday Garden”, based in Lofa, paid a visit to Nimba County over the last week to document the movement of the elephants.

The FDA rangers have been guiding the elephants to see whether they will go to the East Nimba Nature Reserve, which falls between Liberia, Guinea and Ivory Coast. Unfortunately, they headed toward the Kparblee Administrative District, near the Ivorian Border.

On September 30, 2020, the pair entered New Yorpea from the Niwkweah Chiefdom and slept in the center of the town, creating excitement among the citizens, who turned out en masse to witness the giant creatures.

It is not yet clear whether they will cross over to the Ivory Coast or head toward the Gio National Forest, which is a few kilometers south of the district.

The Gio Forest is only forest now that may have some habitat for wild animals such as elephants, but it is also under serious threat from farming.

If they do head toward to the Gio National Forest, then certainly they will cross the main road to Grand Gedeh and then move to southern Nimba in Gbi forest and subsequently to the Sapo National Park in Sinoe, rangers predict.

In 2017, another pair of elephants entered Liberia from the Ivory Coast around the same locality where these elephants are headed. They headed toward the Gio National Forest, but nobody followed them at the time.


  1. The pair of elephants are probably on a love tour and letting people know that a planned wedding is in vogue in an area one could refer to as the Liberian Serengeti. The ecosystem of that area probably contains various types of animal species that have yet to spring up and walk side by side just like the pair of elephants.

    Welcome elephants! Don’t destroy cassava and all vegetable farms in Nimba please.


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