Elections Excitement in Haindii Turns Sour

Baby Mothers frustrated by not being placed in the proper queue to vote.

The excitement of citizens of Fuamah District in Lower Bong County, who turned out early Tuesday in huge numbers to vote their leaders into office turned bitter with the slow pace of processing them to cast their votes. They blamed some poll workers who misinformed and misplaced them to the wrong voter identification numbers categories.

The electorate comprised of the diverse age range, baby mothers, pregnant women and older folks of the district. They had converged in Haindii, headquarters of the District, miles away from their homes in surrounding towns and villages and were seen in one long queue several hours from 3a.m that was broken apart by the crack of dawn when poll workers displayed their precinct voters identification numbers on the three wings of the building which hosted the four precincts with sixteen queues. Each precinct had a queue of old folks, the baby mothers, and regular voters.

Some of the voters who had come in the early hours of the morning to cast their early vote but turned opposite and sour

The frustration of citizens became obvious with the irregularities and technical errors of some Queue Comptrollers who could not properly determine which digits of the electorates’ identification numbers to use to place voters in their proper polling centers.
This situation left more citizens standing in queues for fourteen hours as the elderly and baby mothers were seen resting on the walls of the building as the clock ticked by till 2 p.m.


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