EHELD Encourages Science Students


The Chief of Party for the Excellence in Higher Education Development Project (EHELD), Yakpazuo Kolva, has stressed the need for more students in the area of the sciences.

At a three-day open house Liberia Employer Action Group meeting in Bong County on Friday, Mr. Kolva assured participants that the project is in the country to build agriculture to an excellent stage where it would develop especially in treasured education.”

The program, he said, consists of three major arms including the pipe line that has enthused high school students to consider agriculture as a career; the center of excellence improving academic facilities; as well as training of teachers and settling up of laboratories.

Mr. Kolva noted that employer engagement is where people, who go through the program, are work-ready when they go to the job site; they would have the right kind of skills and theoretical background to perform to employers’ expectations.

“We have been working with the Cuttington University (CU) especially with the College of Agriculture and Sustainable Development for the past three years,” he said.

He said when they took over the College of Agriculture and Sustainable Development at CU, “we had a student population of 168 students and, today, we have made a tremendous improvement by enrolling 566 students,” Kolva indicated.

According to him, Cuttington had earlier on graduated 10-15 students from Agriculture Department, but at present, the administration has graduated 94 students from the program.

“Entrepreneurship is what we are encouraging at Cuttington, our strategy is to train people to go and start their own markets and become agriculture entrepreneurs.” Kolva said. “The laboratory, the resource room and field trial area are in tact at the College of Agriculture and Sustainable Development through the EHELD program.

The program brought together employers from various agricultural institutions around the country and college and high school students benefiting as well as wanting to benefit from the EHELD program.

Joseph Dolo, a student at the Suakoko Central High School, who intends to become a driver, said with the level of improvement at the College of Agriculture and Sustainable Development at CU, he was now encouraged to study agriculture.

“I am also encouraging everyone to have interest in agriculture to make food available for the country,” Dolo added.

Student Dolo was not alone in his thought, as Korto Porka from the same school appreciated the EHED program for making them to gain firsthand experience in agriculture, noting, “I have learned a lot of things from this program that has now encouraged me to be an agriculturist.”

EHELD is a project of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).


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