Egypt Trade Fair Promises Regular Tours to Liberia

Mahoud Elshaer, director of Pharo Egypt Company who organized this year’s trade fair at his business place

-Promises to work with Liberian-owned businesses

The second Egypt and Middle East Trade Fair, which opened on May 15 at the Destiny Entertainment Center with a display of various products will end today.

Mahoud Elshaer, director of Pharo Egypt Company who organized this year’s trade fair, said it is meant to encourage Liberian businesses and to also increase business relationships with Egypt and the Middle East.

Mr. Elshaer said Liberia has a very good business environment that impressed importers and investors. “This led to the coming of the second Egypt Trade Fair in the country,” he said.

He said exhibition showcases products including furniture, clothing, jewelry, toys, medicine, women and men’s accessories, among others.

“The prices of the materials are affordable and of the best quality. But again, we had more people coming to buy during the previous Egypt Trade Fair. We will continue to improve the business relationship, especially with the new government,” he said.

Another businessman who is part of the trade fair

He said his organization has resolved to have a regular trade fair in Liberia, especially due to requests from buyers. “There are products that we had during the first trade fair last year, that are not available this year, which many buyers continue to make a request for,” he said.

“Some Liberians and Lebanese have expressed interest to establish strong business relationship with Egypt. We want Liberian businesses to take advantage of products produced in Egypt to develop and also increase trade with Egypt,” Mr. Elshaer said.

He added that the objective of the trade fair is to encourage foreign businesses into Egypt with the hope that local business owners can make some arrangements to be able to get such products on the Liberian market.

Some materials at the trade fair ongoing in Monrovia


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