EFLA Appoints Master Queen as Liberia Representative


The European Federation of Liberian Associations (EFLA) has named Master Queen, an award-winning radio personality, as its new special representative for Liberia, a release has said.

As the current head of the EFLA Liberia country office, Master Queen replaces Roberta Roberts, the EFLA’s former special representative to Liberia, who has taken another assignment elsewhere.

In this new post, according to the release, Master Queen’s responsibilities include enhancing social and cultural connections between the organization and the Liberian government as well as the European community in Liberia.

EFLA President Mayango Arku described the radio personality as an inspiration to many and a strong voice for diaspora Liberians’ rights.

“As an influential role model in both her personal and professional life, Master Queen is ideally qualified to represent the EFLA’s interest in Liberia and to become the voice for those diaspora Liberians whose voices are not heard. Moreover, she recognizes the challenges we face back home and knows what to do to create an enabling environment for us to be considered in the country’s social and economic development,” Mr. Arku said.

Arku also said that the appointment of Master Queen comes at a time when the Liberian diaspora community is in need of a voice to support and pursue its interest.

L-R Francis Mensah, Secretary General, Kingston Wleh, Member Board Of Directors, Grace Weah, ELFA Special Representative for Liberia, Andrew Wolo, EFLA Elections Commissioner, Mayango Arku, ELFA President and David Ford, President Liberia Swedish Association.

Master Queen, whose given name is Grace Weah (no relation to President George Weah), is the current brand ambassador for one of Liberia’s famous hotels—Royal Grand. She is also a former face of telecommunication giant Lonestar MTN. As the Queen of Liberian radio, Master Queen is one of the most popular and influential female broadcasters in the country.

On her appointment, Master Queen told the Daily Observer that she’s honored to have joined the EFLA, “therefore,  I cannot wait to start work.”

“This new appointment is a platform which will amplify my voice for diaspora Liberians’ cause, which has been my focus for so many years. I am passionate about diaspora Liberians’ issues because their interests are mostly excluded from the national development agenda, given their huge investment in the country. It is because of this reason that I have always sought to push the boundaries and tell their stories for recognition and greater government collaboration with them,” said Master Queen.

The radio diva also said that Liberia is in an emergency situation—a time when the country needs the skills and involvement of its citizens abroad, to ensure that all hands are on deck to push the country towards growth and development.

The ELFA leadership structure includes Mayango Arku as President, Haja Sesay, Vice President, Francis Mensah, Secretary-General, and Liana Ursa, Treasurer.


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