Effort Baptist Donates Ebola Items to Community, Others

Rev. Trocon W. Langford and delegation_web.jpg

As part of its response in the fight against Ebola and cognizant of the critical roles of the Church in the society, the Effort Baptist Church (EBC) located on Weaver Street, Paynesville, has identified with the community in which it is situated as well as some Ebola Treatment Units (ETUs).

It all began when the church, through the wisdom of its Pastor, Reverend Trocon W. Langford, launched a special appeal for members to contribute bleaching materials and others, so that they could distribute them in the community.

The SOS call was overwhelmingly embraced. Anti-Ebola materials brought in were taken in the Paynesville City Hall and shared among residents of the community. Together with the items, the church offered prayers and provided a message of hope during the Thursday Thanksgiving ceremony where a total of 216 homes and two orphanages were visited.

The church also donated 10 buckets with faucets at the launch of the Paynesville City Hall Community Ebola Response, at which time the church educated its members to observe all other Ebola preventive messages.

It also visited two institutions where its members distributed several other preventive anti-Ebola items.

The church set up an Ebola Response Committee, which will utilize funding set aside for the church’s response. The committee is headed by the administrator, Reverend Frederick N. Gbatu, Sr.

The EBC is operating in partnership with the Mount Olive Baptist Church, USA and the Effort Reunion, comprising Effort members in the Diaspora, as well as members in Liberia.


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