Weah Promises Free Education if Elected President

Senators Weah and Taylor received by supporters at the Gbarnga Iron Gate

With Taylor as his running mate, CDC partisans are hopeful that he will be able to deliver on his promises

Senator George Weah, standard bearer of the opposition Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), on Tuesday September 5, announced in Gbarnga, Bong County that if elected President of Liberia at the October polls, he would make education absolutely free from kindergarten to high school.

Speaking last Tuesday at the David Kuyon Sports Stadium during the CDC’s campaign launch in Gbarnga, Weah further declared that his administration would also guarantee the payment of fees for the West African Examination Council (WAEC) administered exams to senior high students in the 15 counties.   Weah did not mention how his administration would pay the WAEC fees or how he intends to make education from kindergarten to high school free of charge. Nevertheless his hundreds of supporters who turned out were excited at the sound of his voice.

Accompanied by his vice standard bearer, Jewel Howard Taylor, Sen. Weah  maintained that his government would improve the country’s healthcare delivery system, increase the salaries of security personnel and teachers and step up recreational activities across the country. He did not say how he would accomplish and  sustain his political agenda.

“I played football in Europe. I would have stayed in Europe and enjoyed my money, but I came to Liberia to redeem you from the bondage of hardships. See what I have done in this country in terms of development,” said Weah, urging his supporters to celebrate with high expectations. Although Weah failed to name any of the developments he has initiated in the country since he retired from playing professional football  in 2003, his partisans believe that with Mrs. Taylor as his VP, he would be able to initiate the development programs he was promising including building sports academies.

This is the second  presidential candidate to promise free education if elected. On August 17, during the first Presidential debate, Liberty Party political leader Charles Walker Brumskine announced that he would make education ‘free’ if elected.

The CDC political leader is a sitting Senator of Montserrado County and chairman on Youths and Sports. But political commentators wonder how he would encourage recreational activities when he has not even introduced such a bill in the legislature. “Didier Drogba built for the people in his native country, La Cote d’ Ivoire, a US$3 million hospital, keeping his word to give back to his country. But, what has our brother brought us?” asked David Sumo, a youth of Gbarnga.

Many of the political commentators who attended the CDC campaign launch described Senator Weah’s statements as “mere bombastic, because he does not have the mind and heart to improve recreation and make education free in this country.”


  1. How can you give what you do not have? You and your supporters are saying education is TABATA(foolishness). Liberians need to know by now that this man is a joke and dangerous. His partnership with Charles Taylor, mrs. Taylor and the NPFL/NPP, will put the international community, especially USA and GREAT BRITAIN against Liberia. This will also scare away potential investors and even bring about instability. Education is costly. Where will he get the money from to support the educational system with all the criminals around him. Liberians deserve better.

  2. Amb.Weah is a man of his words and has done more for Liberia in his private capacity than any other Liberians in this country. That’s what make him a patriotic citizen. Amb. Weah in his private capacity has spent $ 200,000 USD to paid Liberia debt with CAF and FIFA just to allow our nation to partake in international competitions. While some of our politicians have bought guns to killed our people and destroy Liberia during the 14 years crisis; Amb. Weah was there seeking UN intervention and also helping the suffering masses. I believe strongly that if he is elected president Liberia will be a BETTER and PROSPER nation because he have the country at heart and he is a forward-thinking Leader.

  3. Stop talking nonsense. Promising jobs and free education. YOu need to go back to school with your side chick. Where are the teachers, the good schools, You are totally unprepared for anything but women and soccer. You will NEVER lead Liberia. And Jewel can show her brown teeth all she wants, her time for gravy is over.

  4. I have; You have, They Have;….He, She, It…HAS!!!!!!(He can never “have” Mr. Wulu)
    That was learned in Elementary School in Liberia. Proof read, before hitting the Send-Button, please!!!!
    …..it takes away from the substance of your, otherwise interesting, conversation.

  5. This man is a joker to himself and his followers,for them to sit there and believe that education will be free throughout the 15 countries of liberal is absolute nonsense.This man has been in the house for4 years ok so let him show the recreational facilities he has constructed since being on the committee . Look let this man tell the people of Montserrat’s thanks ever so much for electing him cuz his been broke was about to be exposed to the Liberian people. So let him make his appearance at the next debate to tell the people how he will make education free and how is he going to generate the money to pay for waec through out the country ok ,let me ask those educated people whose supporting him just to rob our society,they will have to give account of everything they want to bring upon our country, and there’s a old saying which states in the absence of the capable The available will prevail ok but this is not the case ,when you have the capable let the available get off

  6. Bullshits Weah… Education is already free! That’s not what Liberia wants! Liberia wants quality education: good labs and libraries with textbooks and computer labs! Let he go fuck himself. What have he done since he became senator? We don’t want any uneducated fool to leads us. Although he said he’s educated with bs so called degree, but that’s nonsense! Let he go build sport academy, and not stand there and say blah blah blah!

  7. Weah is just talking president Jop to be soccer game my people if we Liberian just site and allow for Weah to be president he sell our country like how he did to our game let vote wisely man not even no verb agreement u make him president we finisher in this country my people, If you no you love Liberia,you thing Liberia than we will build Liberia VOTE Joseph N Boakai.

  8. To say it the least, Weah has said it the worse! The President of Liberia has said
    that Liberia’s education system is in a mess. So they privatized the school system.
    But the report just coming out of the dungeon indicates that the privatization is
    not solving the mess.

    Mr. Weah has said that, if elected he offer free education. But he did not segment
    at what level in education that will be free. Does he mean elementary thru high school
    or thru college? So, like Henry Keculah said “talk is cheap!”

  9. I believe Mr. Weah!s followers fail to realize that their future is at stake if they elect him because for the simple fact his running mate is Mrs. Taylor, that alone tells you of his decision making factor. furthermore look at the promises he is making with no mention of how he will pay for them. This man has been the senator for montserrado county for the past four years with no legislative accomplishment no intelligence in politics and social activity. Will this man be able to stand in front of the U S congress and give a speech when he cannot stand in front of few Liberians and take part in a debate? Give me a break! this whole thing is a joke


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