“Education Will Add Value to Your Life” -Speaker Chambers

Speaker Chambers addresses his audience on the importance of education

House Speaker Bhofal Chambers on Sunday challenged students of the Aware International School to take their lesson seriously, because, as he put it, education will create the space to add value to their lives.

Chamber’s challenge was contained in his keynote address during a program marking the 5th Annual Day Celebration of the school. He told the students that their performance was a clear manifestation that education creates the space for value to be added to individual life purpose.

On the theme, “Confluence 2017 and 2018,” Speaker Chamber expressed gratitude with the level at which the school’s administration was bringing children together with diverse talents which, according to him, clearly demonstrated the definition of confluence, which means performing teams work together to maximize productivity. That is to combine the speed of creating on your own with the advantages of working together, to make it easy to create documents as a team, provide feedback in context and quickly iterate until your work is finalized.

“Because of the school’s ability to merge different cultures, you see the level of value that has been demonstrated here by our children,” Chambers emphasized.

He also maintained that whenever they come to such a gathering, what is demanded is for them to live with a sense of caring, earnestness, accountability, assurance, excellence and loyalty in whatever they may consider doing.

“As responsible citizens, these are values that we should always champion,” the speaker noted.

“This is the time that Liberia will be transformed to enable people to have quality life that eluded them for so long, ” Chambers said.

The school’s principal Beena Gopinadh said for the students to display diverse cultures prove that their talents are being given a new perspective.

Gopindh said her school has been guiding students to dream big, and will work towards such dreams so as to achieve them.


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