US Based Liberian Writer Launches Book of Historical Documents


By Catherine B. Nyenkan

A Liberian writer residing in the United States has launched a book aimed at improving Liberians’ knowledge about the Constitution and other historical national documents at the Greater Vision Mission in New Kru Town, Monrovia.

The book, “Foundational Words of Our Nation” presented by AHTIA Solutions, will also adequately inform Liberians about the documents upon which the country rests, according to the author, Dennis Jah.

The book contains the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, the National Anthem, The Lone Star Forever and the Pledge of Allegiance.

Jah said during the launch that he was inspired to write the book because he found out that most Liberian children are not knowledgeable about their country and “these important documents, because they are not available in the schools.”

He said having these important documents together will help Liberians know about themselves and appreciate who they are, adding “we will be more patriotic than what we are today.”

According to Jah, the book will furthermore help Liberians know what their civil rights and responsibilities are.

He indicated that he and AHTIA Solutions are holding talks with the Ministry of Education on the possibility that the book will be taught in schools across Liberia.

The ceremony was attended by executives of non-governmental organizations, religious leaders, media practitioners and government officials, including River Gee Senator Commany B. Wesseh.

The Senator thanked Jah for coming home to share his ideas with his country, and described the book as a “good book that will help Liberians understand the roots of the country.”

“The passing of a bill to teach the Constitution in high schools is something to be considered, but there are many things that can come from the educational policy,” Wesseh pointed out.

He added that it may not require a bill, but rather emphasis and usage of the book for civic education by school leaders .

“As small as the idea of this book may seem, it is something that plants a seed in our head so that each of us can decide to do something for our community and where we come from,” he noted.



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