Rep. Tarponweh Raises Money to Pay Tuition, Inducts DDC’s members into office

Rep. Tarponweh charged members of the district development council to engage in good works.

Several underprivileged parents in Margibi District #1 will have a reason to smile this academic year as their elected Representative, Tilberosa Summoh Tarponweh (TST), has raised almost L$3 million in an effort to help several other less fortunate students go to school.

Prior to making the intervention, Rep. Tarpowneh held a fund raising rally shortly after the induction into office of the district’s development council (DDC) on Saturday, September 1, at the Rock International Church.

At the ceremony, he made available L$2,000,000 (US$13,333.30), and then called on every other person, including students, to put in whatever they are capable of bringing forward for their own good.

“One of the reasons why this district is undeveloped up to present is due to the lack of more educated, trained and committed residents. I am not saying that people here are not educated, but it is very easy to find those educated ones, because they are very few,” Tarponweh said.

“I have said it before, and wish to repeat it at this gathering, that I came into politics not to enrich myself, but serve my people who I think need me and my resources. They need help because their hope for a better living condition has been dashed over the years,” he said, amid thunderous applause from his audience.

TST said if anyone who has a dream but fails to pursue it makes that dream meaningless, “therefore our gathering here is not a sole means through which we have come to let you know that we are concerned about the education of our children. We have been generating and making available our own little finances to pay school fees for students who are doing well in their lessons, but are usually put out of school because they cannot pay their tuition.”

He added that students who also struggle to make a pass in their lessons have been getting educational and financial aid.

He said it will be worthless talking about a prosperous society when children who are supposed to take over from their parents cannot sit in classrooms to acquire knowledge and learn the basic skills that may help them contribute to the building of the new world they themselves wish for daily.

While inducting into office members of the DDC, Tarponweh charged them to work in the interest of the district rather than their own desires.

The DDC chairman, Moses Sieh, promised Tarponweh and the district in general that his team will not fail to live up to expectations.

Meanwhile, Senator Oscar Cooper has pledged L$300,000 as his initial contribution to Tarponweh’s venture. Cooper challenged the DDC and all other persons who are charged with responsibilities to be fair and help the district move forward.

“I am very pleased now that you have elected for yourselves someone with integrity and dedication to help improve your living conditions,” Sen. Cooper said.

The other Margibi Senator, Jim W. Tornolah, also pledged L$100,000 and assured Tarponweh of his office’s preparedness to support any development geared towards improving living conditions.

The Bishop of Rock International Church, Blessing Tarpeh, assured Rep. Tarponweh that 50 students, regardless of their grade levels, will enroll at Rock International School “free of charge.”

“No tuition for them, I promise,” she assured. Other contributors included officers of the Liberia National Police (LNP), the Chief Education Officer of Margibi, Schefflin Township Commissioner, the SSF Construction Company, and a host of parents and friends who saw Tarponweh’s venture as a worthy cause.


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