Education Ministry Demands 10% of 2019/2020 Budget

Acting Education Minister, Latim Da Thong (far left), said the ministry wants US$50.3 million to improve the sector.

— UL makes push for US$29M

Authorities at the Ministry of Education (MoE) are demanding ten percent of the US$532 million National Budget for 2019/2020 to make substantial improvements to the sector.

In an appealing but firm tone, acting Education Minister, Latim Da Thong told a budget hearing committee at the Legislature that the ministry wants US$50.3 million, an addition of US$7 million to the already allocated US$43.3 million.

On Tuesday, August 26, 2019 in the Joint Chamber, Da Thong said the ministry intends to employ additional 1,250 teachers and elevate (expand) 25 junior high schools across the country to senior high level.

Minister Da Thong said the ministry also wished to construct three high schools in counties with greater student populations; renovate 156 senior high schools in the counties, as well as purchase chairs and instructional materials for laboratory use.

Owing to the demands, the Joint Legislative Chairman, Thomas Fallah, appointed a six-man committee to work with the MoE on their budgetary proposals and increment request. Those on the Committee are Representatives Richard Koon, George Boley, Rosana Schaack, Julie Wiah, Clarence Gahr and Senator Gbleh-bo Brown.

The University of Liberia

UL President Dr. Ophelia Weeks said the increment aims to create and facilitate new academic programs

Previously, authorities at the University of Liberia (UL), requested an increment of its allocation from US$16 million to US$29 million.

UL President Dr. Ophelia Inez Weeks said the increment aims to create and facilitate new academic programs, including architecture, statistics, environment sciences, public health and Information and Communication Technology (ICT). UL also needs continued support for the faculty development initiative to include sending three personnel for studies and maintain support for the 34 faculty currently out of the country. The money, if made available, according to UL administration, will be used to provide support for the local staff training through seminars and workshops.

Dr. Weeks said the institution also wants to have advanced research activities, enhance the promotion of academic excellence and improve students’ activities.



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