Dr. Jones Offers Advice for Reforming Liberia’s Education


As the campaign season heats up, politicians are going around the country marketing themselves and their platforms to persuade voters to trust them with state power. One of such politician is the former Central Bank Governor (CBL) and Standard bearer of the opposition Movement for Economic Empowerment (MOVEE).

Dr. Jones, serving as guest speaker over the weekend at the 17th graduation ceremony of the Joseph Jenkins Roberts Methodist School (JJRUMS) encouraged the graduating students to not sit on the fence in the ongoing political season and allow others to make decisions for them.

Jones who is commonly known as the poverty doctor for his establishment of the Village Savings and Loan scheme for marketers while he was CBL governor, was greeted with cheers and applause from students as he prescribed policies to advance the Liberian education sector.

Dr. J. Mills Jones: “Don’t be on the fence and allow others to make decisions for you…”

He admonished the students to continue seeking higher education and advised them to part take in the change that all Liberians are crying for by going to the polls on October 10 and voting MOVEE leadership in power.

The MOVEE standard bearer noted that young people should stand on their feet and push for the change democratically and stop sitting on the fence. “Don’t be on the fence and allow others to make decisions for you and your country. Standup tall and be  a part of the decision making of by going to vote for me, if we must get the change we want. You should not put old wine in a new bottle,” he noted.

Among his prescriptions for improving the education sector, the MOVEE political leader wants teachers to be appreciated for impacting the lives of students in Liberia. “Teachers must be appreciated for their work they do. We know teachers work hard, some from far distances but who still muster the courage to always teach our kids.

He said the MOVEE leadership will take steps to improve the skills of teachers and progressively increase their salaries, saying, the MOVEE administration will utilize technology for distance learning programs so that teachers do not have to leave their homes and counties to attend training institutes in order to improve their skills.

“We will provide incentives to encourage teachers to go to or remain in rural areas; we will work to create a conducive atmosphere for learning and when time and resources used to train teachers those teachers will be hired and be paid according to their qualifications. Yes, a good education system will cost money but the choice is to pay now or pay later in many different ways,” Dr. Jones said.

He said it is time for Liberia to use the resources of the country wisely starting from cutting off graft, corruption and wasteful spending which he says the MOVEE government will take seriously. He said the money that will be saved from ending corruption and wasteful spending can be used to fund education properly.

The principal of  JJRUMS, Samuel K. Sagbeh, said contrary to rumors that the school had become lax on students, the school continues to implement an absolute zero tolerance for  indiscipline for everybody attending the school.

He noted that the school has not dropped in standard, but is still strong in its quest to make students great people in society through its policies . “We have heard all of the criticisms out there that JJ Roberts is no longer strong in disciplining its students. I want to make this clear to everyone out there that JJ Roberts is still the school that is serous about maintaining its status in changing the lives of the students,” he noted.

“We are not going to be carried away by what people say about us, but will remain committed to the doctrine of the school and we are prepared to implement the policy of the institution. We are not going to treat our students with that draconian style in the name of discipline, but we will remain engaged and positive and bring up our students so they fit in society,” said principal Sagbeh.


  1. Yes, you want to be president now, so students should actively take part in national politics, even if it calls for an uprising against a government in power! But “tomorrow” if you are president, you will be the main one warning parents to keep their children away from politics. Foolish man. you telling people to “look beyond ethnic lines”, BUT YOU MADE SURE TO HAVE YOUR ETHNIC CONGAU MAN Samuel B. Reeves AS YOUR RUNING MATE. WHAT an unintelligent and extremely APOLITICAL THINKING!


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