Barshell University Students Undertake Cleanup Exercise

Some of the Barshell University students carrying out the cleanup exercise in Paynesville.

Students from the Barshell University College (BUC), a tertiary institution based in Paynesville, on Saturday, May 4, 2019, took to the streets by cleaning the city. Paynesville is one of Liberia’s most densely populated cities, which is faced with huge garbage challenges.

Emmanuel Yarkpawua, BUC vice president for administration, called on community dwellers to take ownership of their residences by helping the government to clean the country.

The student cleanup exercise was under the banner, Barshell University Community Service Day, aimed at cleaning the main street, as well as in various communities.

Yarkpawua further called on every Liberian to manage garbage by reducing the risks it poses to health.

“We have the culture at BUC of giving back to our communities, because we have decided to inculcate into our students the value of appreciating their community by undertaking a periodic cleanup exercise every semester,” he said.

Mr. Yarkpawua said the display of excitement by the students during Saturday’s campaign thrilled bystanders and residents, stating, “this initiative will continue as part of the university’s programs.”

“We have the plan to also reach out to other communities outside Paynesville,” he said.

He added that the lecture series at the university, which focuses on giving back to the community motivates the students to clean parts of Paynesville City.

According to Yarkpawua, most times people believe that giving back to the society or community requires big ways, “but the cleaning of the community also means a lot for the residents.

“We have taught our students not to wait for government to do everything, such as cleaning the community, rather to volunteer our services within their community or the country at large. “We have been involved in community work for some time now, and will continue to clean the community,” he said.


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