‘Education a Powerful Weapon for Bright Future’

GabNore International School System Preschool Graduates pose with Staff Members after Graduation Ceremony in Paynesville

8th grade guest speaker tells GISS pre-school graduates

Master Gabriel S. Flaboe Jr., an eighth grade student of School Prime Systems (SPS), has told four smart and brilliant kids who graduated from the preschool of the GabNora International School System (GISS) that education is the most powerful weapon that can change the world.

The official closing ceremony was held on June 30, 2019 at Block “C” community at Soul Clinic in Paynesville. The four pre-school graduates are make up the school’s maiden graduating class.

Flaboe also urged parents and sponsors of the four pre-school graduates that the young people have begun a journey that will translate into their dreams. He urged the teachers to mould the minds of the young people in order for them to become productive leaders of tomorrow in the Liberian society.

He reminded the gathering that kindergarten graduation is very important due to the fact that the students are entrusted in the hands of their teachers for ten solid months.

He also noted that the teachers served as parents away from their homes so that special bond of teachers and students relationship has developed over the period of time.

Flaboe explained that they played, laughed and studied together and during these times the kids grow physically and mentally and learned good manners as well as communication at an early age.

“I want you all to remember one thing, there is something very special about this graduation and that special thing is the beginning of their journey and along the way they will be working towards achieving their dreams,” Master Flaboe stressed.

He also pointed out that the graduation teaches the graduates about transitions and completing different milestones in life, as well as how important education is in the growth and development of a successful life.

“Every child has a unique personality and parents should not forget to appreciate the small differences in your children and enjoy the learning process along the way,” Master Flaboe emphasized.

The young guest speaker recalled that parents and teachers put in a lot of time to prepare children for the future because; they need to be equipped with skills as they prepare for adulthood.

He further added that those skills help them during the next stage of their education and, with such collective responsibility, they are guided and molded as leaders of tomorrow as the future depends on them.

Earlier, the dux of the first kindergarten class of 2019, Railey Cooper, noted that after being tested and evaluated for several months at the GabNora International School System, the four members of the Dove Class were given clearances to prove that the prescribed materials set by the Ministry of Education and GISS were consumed.

Cooper pointed out that, looking back on their quest for quality education, Biblical principles and moral discipline at GISS, “I believe that the only strength of our success is surrounded by one great word called perseverance.” Cooper added that the GISS gave his fellow graduates the permission to take part in their very first graduation exercise, which will forever be remembered in the history of this noble institution for ages to come.

“Our life is loaded with battles, achievement, disappointment, dedicated and extended working periods that are brimming with riddles,” Cooper asserted. “We require some motivational personalities who will support and will influence us to remain focused on this educational frontline, where we battle academically day by day.”

He also stated that most successful people have failed at one time or the other and some have failed many times and difference between those who fail and those who succeed are, the successful ones learn from their failed attempts and persist anyhow.

“Fellow graduates, I have come to let you know that failure is simply the price we pay to succeed in our life journey,” Cooper said.

The Principal Nora Flaboe, extended thanks to parents and Guardians for trusting the GISS with their children, especially for the first year.

“As we all are aware that education is the passport to the future, tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it,” Mrs. Flaboe said. “I want to urge our parents to focus on ensuring that their children receive quality education for our future challenges as a nation and people.”

The chief sponsor of GISS, Gabriel S. Flaboe Sr., said plans that before next academic year, additional new buildings will be constructed on the premises of the GISS. He also intimated that the vision of the GISS is to make the academic institution a center of excellence that intends to prepare Liberians for future challenges of the country.

“We did not establish the GISS for money making and self-enrichment but, to provide the kind of solid education to Liberians from every walk of life,” Mr. Flaboe said.


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