ECOWAS Women Lawmakers Donate to Orphanages


Several women parliamentarians of ECOWAS have donated food and other items, including cash, to two orphanages as their way of identifying with 100 destitute Liberian children.

The lawmakers, under the banner of The ECOWAS Female Parliamentarians Association (ECOFEPA), gave 50 bags of rice, four large bags of sugar, three cartons of bathing soap, three cartons of washing soap and four cartons of biscuits last Friday, to the Rock of Divine and Martu Transit orphanage homes.

ECOFEPA also donated US$400 climaxing the week-long Delocalized Meeting of ECOWAS in Monrovia, which focused on combating counterfeit and expired medicines in West Africa.

The Vice President of ECOFEPA, Madam A’ssata Daffe, said the donations were the association’s way of showing care and love for orphans and delinquent children in one of the worst hit Ebola countries.

She said the association will also do the same for similar children in Sierra Leone and Guinea.

Liberian Representative Haja Siryon, who is a member of ECOFEPA, said the donations were “a widow’s mite,” and thanked the managers of the two homes for taking care of the children.

Meanwhile, the Deputy Minister for Children and Social Protection at the Gender Ministry, Madam Lydiamai Sherman, thanked the ECOWAS women parliamentarians on behalf of the Government of Liberia.


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