ECOWAS Celebrates 40th Anniversary in “New” Fashion


The President of Togo and Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) head of the region’s Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) Response and Eradication Process, Faure Essozimna Gnassingbe, will grace Liberia declaration of Ebola free celebration today Monday in Monrovia.

The special representative of the president of ECOWAS Commission to Liberia, Tunde O. Ajisomo made the disclosure over the weekend in Paynesville, outside Monrovia at ceremony marking the 40th anniversary of the organization.

According to Mr. Ajisomo, President Gnassingbe in his capacity as head of the ECOWAS’ region’s Ebola Virus Disease Response and Eradication believes that for the World Health Organization (WHO) to declare Liberia Ebola free worth celebration.

 Meanwhile, President Gnassingbe will be traveling to Liberia with some international partners to hail the President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and Liberians for their concerted efforts that defeated the Ebola epidemic.

 According to Mr. Ajisomo, program marking the celebration of ECOWAS in Liberia, will include parade in Monrovia involving ECOWAS’ citizens, who expected to be attired in their respective countries costumes

This year’s activity intends to deepen the knowledge of all member states and will be observed in all other member states.   

Other activities will include football games, essay writing to select the best two as the first and second winners that will held on May 28.

ECOWAS, he said has achieved a lot and it is important for its members to re-examine some of the things the organization has achieved, and jubilate towards a stronger, economic, political and social integration stage.  

 He named two times ECOWAS’ peacekeeping force to Liberia, a housing unit project in Bomi and Cape Mount counties as parts of the achievements ECOWAS achievements over the years in Liberia.

“We also cover humanitarians, including capacity building, training of people at different skill levels, and provide activities in the area of security. We supported the small-armed commission with support from EU and, he disclosed.   

According to him, this is intended to help Liberia to address the proliferation of small arms as well as help the country not to return to any unstable environment. 

 To President Sirleaf, Mr. Ajisomo said she has demonstrated her leadership ability to the highest level through the fight against Ebola, and her encouragement to Liberians that moved theme to muster the strength to fight against the deadly disease.


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