ECOWAS Biometric ID Card, Work Permit Launched

Labor Minister Atty_web.jpg

The Ministry of Labor last Friday launched the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) biometric identification card for work permits in Liberia.

The aim of the biometric ID work permit in Liberia and the West African sub-region is to create an opportunity that exists in the Mano Union River basin to offer a prosperous life to its citizens.

The launch was marked by a one-day intensive capacity building for leeward Labor Commissioners on the implementation of ECOWAS biometric ID card work permit in Liberia.

Speaking during the launch, the Minister of Labor, Atty. Neto Zarzar Lighe, said the issuance of the ECOWAS biometric ID card will be de-centralized to ensure that its citizens in the informal sector register.

The training of the Labor Commissioners was designed to prepare them to implement the biometric identification scheme as they will be receiving applications in the various counties for work permits.

Lighe dispelled the notion that the exercise was intended for government to raise revenue, noting that the idea behind the scheme is to document ECOWAS citizens working in Liberia.

Minister Lighe revealed that the ECOWAS biometric ID regulation came into force in 2009 during the tenure of the former Labor Minister Tiawon Gongloe.

The Labor Minister was, however, quick to add that prosperity for the sub-region can only be accomplished “if we have peace and security.”
This, he said, was evident of the fact that ECOWAS citizens can now travel within the sub-region without visas.

He called on border officials to take the necessary legal steps to eliminate all bottle necks which will hinder trade and commercial activities within the region.


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