Ecobank Identifies with Health Centers

Ecobank MD Mensah-Asante (front, 2nd from right) presents the items to the Medical Director of the SOS Children's Village, Dr. James A. Lewis, as staff look on.

For years now, it has become the norm for major corporate organizations like the Ecobank-Liberia to assist communities or countries in which they operate by upgrading critical infrastructure that contributes to better living standards.

Such assistance, which is widely referred to as corporate social responsibility (CSR), has taken center stage globally, as a lot of governments are unable to provide for the needs of their people.

As this scenario plays out differently in developed and developing countries like Liberia, the intervention of corporate organizations to provide basic needs such as food, health and education has been significant.

A good example is the recent initiative by Ecobank where the managing director, George Mensah-Asante, and staff donated several water dispensers and cartons of water treatment equipment (water guard) to seven hospitals as part of activities marking the fifth celebration of Ecobank Day.

Asante told reporters that the day was part of the group’s initiative to contribute to the community where they live and do business.

Medical hospitals that benefited from the gesture included the SOS Medical Center, SDA Cooper Hospital, St. Joseph Catholic Hospital, ELWA, Duport Road Community Clinic, Benson Hospital and the Ahmadiyya Clinic.

This is why, Asante continued, the bank focuses on transforming the African banking landscape and servicing customers with convicting convenience and cost-effective financial products.

“We conduct business, develop ourselves and make profits based on our daily interactions with residents in our communities. It is therefore right for us to give back by contributing both financially and through our own energy to improve the communities that have welcomed us and in whose territories we operate,” he added.

Ecobank employees with SOS Village medical staff shortly after the donation

With the idea of giving back, Asante recalled how in 2013, the bank launched the “Ecobank Day Initiative,” where their employees come together and volunteer their services to help a worthy cause aimed at cleaning-up communities.

The initiative also gears toward supporting the important financial contribution the bank has made to improve the living conditions of more vulnerable members of the communities it operates in.

The Ecobank Day is celebrated in 33 African countries where the bank operates, including  Liberia.

The medical facilities that benefited, especially the SOS Clinic, are centers that treat over 222,000 patients a year providing basic healthcare services.

Dr. James A. Lewis, Medical Director, SOS Children’s Village Medical Center, lauded the bank for the donation and promised to use them for the intended purpose.


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