Ebola Survivor Reunites with Family

Claudius Banarwolo tested_web.jpg

A medical physician at the Redemption Hospital in New Kru Town, who was diagnosed with the Ebola virus, was Wednesday, July 16, reunited with his family at the J.F.K Cholera Division.

Claudius Banarwolo, who started medication on June 28 this year, claimed that he contracted the virus from the nurse who recently passed out at the hospital.

In a statement, the Chair of Ebola Management Committee, Dr. Moses Massaquoi, cautioned people to take Ebola seriously and report suspected cases immediately.

He said when suspected cases are reported in a timely manner the Management Team, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, will provide supportive treatment.

Dr. Massaquoi, however, called on Liberians to help the Ministry by making use of the hotline estblished to report persons showing signs and symptoms of Ebola.

Looking frail and pail, Claudius Banarwolo thanked God and the Ministry of Health for their continuous support during his time of illness.

“It was the grace of God that has brought me thus far. I am saying this because, even before I came here, people pronounced me dead in my community or place of work. And to see myself here today, it is a miracle.

“Since I was diagnosed positive, it has not been easy for me. I was in real pain; I even lost hope of surviving.

“I contracted the disease from the nurse who died at hospital because I was the person assigned to treat her. At the time, she had not been tested to know what was wrong with her.

“It is by the grace of God I am able to feel nature once more,” Banarwolo said shivering.

Amongst the relatives who attended Banarwolo's reintegration Program, Nennie Parker, who is also a health practitioner, said it’s about time the Health Ministry starts thinking about health workers.

She said health workers remain vulnerable to diseases, viruses and other contaminable sicknesses even in the absence of Ebola.

“The Ministry should start thinking about us because we are not protected. And in cases of high risk diseases, health workers stand greater chance of being contaminated than any other people. 

“So today, I am happy that my nephew is out safe and alive. His parents and relatives have been marginalized in the community. People have warned their wives and children not to go close to their home in order to stay alive.”

“Ebola is real and dangerous,” she warned.

Pastor Solomon Telewoyan, pastor in charge of the World Limitation Outreach Church in the Rehab Community, advised the religious community to remain strong in interceding on behalf of the country.

He said that citizens should also pray for other suspected and confirmed cases.

“As a church, we have been praying for this young man because he is one of our members. 

Not only because he is our member, but we have also been interceding on behalf of the country and other victims of this illness,” the Pastor said.


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