Ebola Survivor Groups to Merge

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The President of the Ebola Survivors Association of Liberia, Korlia Bonarwolo, has said the proposed plan to merge with the Ebola Survivors Network will bring unity among survivors across the country, instead of causing a division.

At long last, the dream of Ebola survivors to unite under a single umbrella organization is now in the pipeline, which means that they will be speaking with one voice causing their plights to be addressed in a timely manner, Mr. Bonarwolo said during a mass meeting of Ebola Survivors at the University of Liberia auditorium.

He added that the reason enough attention on the wellbeing of survivors has not been properly tackled is because of too many organizations seeking the welfare of survivors.

“I strongly believe that if this planned merger actually works out, things would get better for us. As for the organization I’m representing, we give our unflinching support to ensure that this plan becomes a success.

“It is about time that we uphold the dream and vision of survivors calling for a single organization that will advocate for their welfare, which at the end of the day will yield results. If we are serious about seeking the welfare of every survivor in Liberia, then we should do everything possible to make this merger happen.

“Politicians have used their strategies to divide us; therefore, it is now time that we come together under one umbrella in order to remain united,” he said.

In her remarks, the National Secretary General of the Ebola Survivors Network, Tee Love Lorpseh, said, “For too long disunity has been in our midst making us lack a strong voice, but coming together will strengthen us as a group. Coming together will avoid the preaching of dissimilar agenda by different Ebola survivor associations concerning the wellbeing of survivors.

“Let us take the lead for other survivors in the country; let us work together to make sure that whatever has been discussed is fully achieved,” she said.

At the end of the meeting, it was agreed upon to disband the other Ebola survivor associations and form a workout plan for the merger and joining of the Ebola survivors’ network.

It was also agreed that the new committee will take on the responsibility to draft the Constitution and thereafter present the draft to the survivor community for consultation.

However, it was not made clear when the merger will official happen, which will fully disband all existing Ebola survivor associations.


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