Ebola Orphans Supporter Gets 2014 Humanitarian Award

Mr. Sesay (center-certificate)-web.jpg

Abraham Seasy, a Liberian businessman, who continues to provide financial support to children orphaned by the deadly Ebola Virus Disease (EVD), last weekend received the “Best Humanitarian” award for the year 2014.

The award was presented to him by the Foundation to Restore Human Dignity (FRHD) based on his considerable support in the fight against EBOLA, including the housing of one hundred Ebola orphans in the VOA community and the construction of two bridges in the Red Hill Field community connecting Mango town and central Virginia.

Receiving the award, Mr. Seasy thanked the organization for selecting him for the honor.

Mr. Sesay, who is a prominent resident of the Red Hill Field community, told the leadership of the organization that as the fight against EBOLA continues he will stilled do all he can to ensure that it is totally eradicated out of District 17, and Montserrado County at large.


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