Ebola Hits Gibi District, Chief Prayer Man, Pastor Dies


The commissioner of Gibi District, Rev. Amos V. Boyer says his district is currently under health threat as mysterious deaths and ailment loomed the district. He said as of Monday September 16, 2014, there were 1o suspected Ebola related deaths including several sick people most especially family members of those corpses in the district.

Gibi District is one of the largest districts in Margibi County situated in the Upper part of the county.

According to Commissioner Boyer, the senior elder of the district who administered special prayers for sick people and get immediate healing, Elder Sam David has succumbed to death as well as Pastor Gayway, Zeyeo Town Chief John Furner, including eminent sons and daughters of the district.

Rev. Boyer noted, in recent time, about 10 people are reported to have died while several persons are seriously sick without medication.

According to him, if nothing is promptly done to address the situation it would create an uncontrollable disaster that may destroy the lives of inhabitants in the entire district.

The Gibi District Commissioner lamented the district lacks of basic infrastructural development especially road network as a serious problem. He said people have to walk from distant towns and villages for 8 to 10 hours to reach a medical facility; something he said is amidst such an outbreak.

He wants county authorities to intervene and avert the current Ebola related deaths in the district.

Rev. Boyer however attributed the alarming Ebola related death rate in the district to constant denial, cultural practices as well as other beliefs. He said despite sufficient awareness carried out about preventive measures in the district, some residents continue to withhold traditions and belief; something he said is greatly undermining government’s quest to eradicate disease.

According to him, they as local leaders have conducted several town hall meetings with citizens including young people, explaining the various preventive methods and danger the disease poses to human, but some residents still remained defiant.

Meanwhile, Rev. Boyer has re-emphasized the collective need for all, irrespective of status and belief, to join the fight against the Ebola virus in the district.


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