‘Ebola Hero’

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The National Legislature has thanked and certificated Montserrado County District # 13 Representative Saah H. Joseph for his commitment to help eradicate the deadly Ebola virus disease from Liberia.

Speaking at the official opening ceremony of the 4th Session of the 53rd Legislature, House Speaker J. Alex Tyler took a few minutes to congratulate Joseph for his services to the nation and people during the peak of the pandemic.

“I ask that you join me at this time in a standing ovation for our own colleague and hero from the House of Representatives, the Hon. Saah Joseph of Montserrado County, whom we consider an Ebola hero,” Speaker Tyler said.

Despite the recognition of Liberia’s success in the Ebola fight, Speaker Tyler warned,   the country should not be complacent but rather follow every measure aimed at tackling the virus.

“I solemnly urge us all to continue observing the checkpoints erected by the Health authorities in the face of the Ebola menace,” Speaker Tyler said.

He added, “Truly, our nation has been tested by fire, by war and now by this pestilence of biblical proportions,” he lamented.

Prior to the presentation of the Certificate of Honor, Vice President Joseph N. Boakai said the selfless services of Rep. Joseph were remarkable and must be appreciated.

The availability of five ambulances, owned and supported by the Montserrado County lawmaker during Liberia’s battle against the deadly virus contributed in an immeasurable way to a huge success, leading to the very low infection rate.

However, in order to eradicate the virus from the sub-region, Rep. Joseph and his team, known as the First Responders Emergency Medical Services, is already in Sierra Leone to help the government tackle the virus.

The President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf described the information of Liberia’s deployment in Sierra Leone as wonderfully good news that must be celebrated, adding; “Rep. Joseph was one of the first responders on the Ebola frontline.

“You were one of the first on the Ebola frontline and faced the virus when a lot of people did not know the disease well and were afraid and confused. 

“You and your team braved the storm when doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers as well as our citizens were dying in their numbers.   You are a true servant and hero of our country,” President Sirleaf declared.

It can be recalled, Rep. Joseph told journalists recently before his departure for Sierra Leone, that while there, his team (the First Responders Emergency Medical Services) will basically facilitate the timely transport of sick persons to testing and treatment facilities and would not be involved with activities in Ebola Treatment Units.

“The First Responders Emergency Medical Services Incorporated is very happy and proud to be able to help our brothers and sisters on the other side on behalf of our country and people,” the Montserrado lawmaker said.

He further stated that the government of Liberia, through his office, had purchased an additional four ambulances, including one air Ambulance due to arrive very soon in the country. The Ambulances, the Representative said, have been acquired to support the fight against the deadly Ebola virus in the country.

He argued that the only way to surmount challenges posed to the country by the outbreak of the deadly virus is to provide more medical equipment and viable ambulance transportation services to render the response team more effective and on time.

The lawmaker disclosed that the air ambulance will be used for cases from Lofa and other parts of the country that are highly affected in fighting the virus. The Air ambulance, according to him, will help to reduce the risk of traveling with Ebola patients to distant treatment centers around the country.

“The Air Ambulance will also be used in the leeward counties for pregnant women who will be unable to give birth easily and also to pick-up accident victims from accident scenes and take them to hospitals,” he added.


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