‘Ebola Herbalist’ Dies in Nimba, Along with One of His Followers

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A young man who claimed to have received God’s revelation to treat Ebola Virus Disease mysteriously died on 17th September 2014 at his residence in Ganta after a short period of illness.

Robin Dahn, in early August 2014 visited the Ganta City Office and said he had a vision where the medicine of Ebola was shown him by creatures he claimed to be angels.

He said he had the dream on two separate occasions with the angels, revealing same medicine in his dream.

He visited the city office so that the city authority can grant him permission to carry on the treatment free of charge, but the city authority including the task force couldn’t consent with his request.

With funding from his Church, he prepared his herbs and began treating those suspected of having Ebola in the Small Ganta Community as well as other parts of Nimba where people were quarantined.

He was said to be gaining some popularities across Nimba and other places he used to move treating people suspected to be Ebola patients.

The death of the man brought sadness among many people and a setback in the fight against Ebola.

“We really don’t know what killed Robin, because he was not sick for long,” said his friend Alex Miapue.

“Robin told his wife before dying that “I’m going to die, but when I die people will say it is Ebola, but it is not Ebola,” Alex is recalled to have stated.

He was said to have treated several people in Ganta and other parts of Nimba as well as Monrovia with most of them recovering and going about their normal duties.

“Since the man gave some herbs to those that were quarantined in Beadatuo in Buu – Yao in Nimba County, they have been well and were no longer showing any sign,” said one Allison Dahn who accompanied the herbalist to Beadatuo Town.

An LNP officer assigned at the Ganta Police Detail was very sick believed to be Ebola; she got her healing accordingly from the late Robin.

Many persons around Ganta have been giving praises to him through local radio stations in Nimba, but his mysterious death came as a surprise to many especially those whose relatives were treated by him.

There had been two revelations of allegedly given by God on medication for Ebola in Nimba.

On the 9th August 2014, a young man from the Nimba County Town called Tunudin closed to Ganta claimed that angels appeared to him while harvesting his palm.

This according to him happened in a broad day and not dream as the late Robin’s was.

For him, he said the angels instructed him to begin his treatment in Monrovia where Ebola will be identified by Medical Doctor before treating them.

When he (Paye Sayegon) and his men went to Monrovia to test the medicine, the government denied them and they returned back to Nimba where, again, he narrated that he was told to do work in certain football field in Ganta.

There was a huge turnout of people who wanted to get treated, and it brought fear among the residents thus making Superintendent Fong Zuagele to put a halt to his work.

For the late Robin Dahn, he started anywhere without restriction, and could give the herbs to people whether they were diagnosed of the Ebola Virus or not.

He died along with one of his followers Wednesday 17 September 2014 in their hometown, leaving a pastor who was also accompanying him ill.

His death was later confirmed by the Ganta City Mayor Dorr Cooper on a local radio’s early news show on Thursday 18 September 2014.

The slowness of health authority in responding to those coming down to the treatment centers and breakdown of the health systems across the country is leading to many finding other solutions to their illness.

The death of the self proclaimed country doctor for Ebola is also sparking up mythological views from some people.

“Sometimes he might have taken money from those he healed. This is why he died, because according to him, he was not to take a dim from anyone for healing them,” said one of the sympathizers.

However, another wave of the outbreak had struck Ganta leaving over 10 dead within 48hr while scores are down with illness.

Three villages along CNC road along the Ganta – Saclepea Highway is said to have been infested with close 50 persons sick after visiting their relative (a pastor) who died in Ganta.


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