Ebola Deaths Heighten in Monrovia, Hit Borbor Taylor’s Family at Omega Station


As the fight against the deadly Ebola pandemic reaches uncharted territory, a maze of deaths continues to hit every sector of the Liberian population,  both within the capital Monrovia and its environs.

There is a rising death toll in other parts of the country as bodies of victims of the deadly virus are collected by special burial teams known as “Body Collectors” and taken to designated sites where they are cremated.

However, as the death toll continues to soar in the capital city, one family continues to be affected in the wake of the deadly Ebola onslaught.

It may be recalled that about two weeks ago, this newspaper reported that there were bodies in the home of one Steven Fomba and his wife, Beatrice Taylor.  These included the mother-in-law Kumba Hawah [Hawah Sammie].  Their death, which is blamed on the virus, sparked a wave of concerns around the Bernard Farm Community in Paynesville City outside Monrovia.

Beatrice, who was a Nursing student, was the first victim; while her mother died at a later date with a surge of deaths following hers.

Since these two died, awareness has increased within the ranks of the victims’ families as many were  taken to the ELWA Ebola center for screening and subsequent admittance.

Through the Daily Observer’s investigation as a follow-up on developments surrounding conditions of those at various ebola treatment centers around Monrovia, it was confirmed that an additional seven persons have died from the same family bringing the total to nine victims.

The latest persons that died included John Taylor (also a Nurse), McCarthy Taylor (a police officer), Hawah Taylor, Fayiah Amara, Emmanuel Jerry, Rebecca Bundor, and Victoria Brayan.  They were initially being treated at the ELWA Hospital but did not survive the fight against the virus.

This newspaper’s investigation has further confirmed that the rest of the Borbor Taylor family has left for Lofa County; joining many other persons fleeing Monrovia to seek medical attention in Foya District were Doctors without Borders are combating the Ebola virus.

Foya District, one of the densely populated districts in the northwest of the country, has seen wave of deaths since the first Ebola case was reported in that part of the country in early March this year.

However, many patients have survived in that part of the country as compared to the capital city, Monrovia, as early intervention has helped in the process.


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