Ebola ‘Could be Cured with Herbal Medicine’


Medical herbalist and researcher Kpakae Roberts has said that it is time for the Liberian government to encourage the practice of traditional medicine alongside conventional medicine in the various governmental hospitals in the country.
Researcher Roberts in an interview with the Daily Observer yesterday in Monrovia, said with the recent experience of the Ebola outbreak in the country, the Liberian government can no longer wait to incorporate the practice of traditional medicine at the various health centers in Liberia.
He regretted that traditional herbalists, who are not spiritual healers, were not recognized during the country’s fight against the deadly Ebola virus. He revealed that Ebola is a cultured virus, which was made by biomedical scientists and kept in laboratories in developed countries.
“As a researcher I became aware of the nature of the Ebola virus that is evidently cultured or manufactured by the world powers and is sitting in their laboratories,” Roberts claimed.
He said he identified the Ebola virus as a strain with symptoms that could be cured by isolation and the application of herbal medicine.
“I had this experience in the Canaan Community in the Fendell area during the Ebola crisis, when a man was seriously sick and he exhibited all the symptoms of Ebola. The man apparently did not know that and his wife did not inform me about what the husband was going through.
“When I saw the symptoms I began to treat him, first by isolating him from the family and then providing him with herbs and proper diet that eventually restored his health,” Roberts said.
He explained that the Tubman National Institute of Medical Arts (TNIMA) was established to cater to conventional as well as herbal medicine but herbal science has been neglected and, as a result, the discipline has declined in its development and recognition.
“The Division of Complementary Medicine (DCM) at the TNIMA is meant to cater also to the herbal discipline and therefore the development of traditional medicine,” Roberts maintained.
The DCM, he said is presently under Director Edwin Quevia, Deputy Director Rev. Edwin Suon and Secretary Osaka Rogers. To encourage traditional herbalists to contribute to the development of the health sector, he said it would need the Liberian government to provide all necessary to support and recognition to its parent organization, Traditional Medicine Federation of Liberia (TRAMEDFOR), which groups Liberians who are in the field.
He said the Ministry of Health would have to provide support to the traditional herbal medicine in its fight to improve the health of the Liberian people.
“We developed a policy in 2013 which was launched in early 2015 and this policy provides strategies for herbal science which needs to be recognized by the Ministry of Health as its component in the health sector,” Roberts indicated.
He meanwhile announced that the Traditional Medicine Federation of Liberia will celebrate from August 22-31, African traditional medicine day which would be held either in Monrovia or Kakata.
“There will be a parade through the streets of the eventual venue of the celebration, along with an indoor program that will be climaxed with speeches,” he stated.
The acting president of the Traditional Medicine Federation of Liberia is Charles Golontaye and elections are set for the first Saturday in September, next month, he said.
He added that efforts are being made by his group to ensure that drugs (medicines) produced from herbs are labeled to ensure proper application as well as describing kinds of ailments that could be treated.
“We need the Liberian government’s support to develop traditional medicine due to the interest of the Liberian people in its value in treatment illnesses,” Roberts said.


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