Ebola Corpse Arrested, 2000 Persons Quarantined


Two thousand persons have been quarantined in Lofe Town, Margibi County, after a corpse transported for burial was confirmed by the County Health Authorities of being Ebola infected.

The Margibi health authorities received a call that a body had been transported from Monrovia for burial, according to the Director of Community Health for Margibi County, Mr. Joseph J. Korhene.  He said that the health team and Ebola Task Force, on arriving at the scene on December 18, took a specimen of the corpse that confirmed it to be Ebola positive.

Mr. Korhene, who spoke to this paper on December 23, said that before the health team arrived in Lofe Town, the family had already finished the wake-keeping, which brought together people from eight surrounding villages.  He said the infected corpse was that of a woman who had died in the Bushrod Island community near Monrovia.

Mr. Korhene who declined to reveal the identity of the deceased said that her family knew that she had died of Ebola but had decided to bury her without the involvement of the Ebola Task Force anyway.   

“The family did it intentionally because after the lady died of the Ebola virus, they decided to bring the body here to Margibi. Knowing that the police would arrest them, they dressed the lady up as if she were living and sat her in the car between two of her relatives,” Mr. Korhene disclosed.

He said that the driver who transported the Ebola infected body to Margibi was traced en route to Bong County with the vehicle. He was arrested and brought back to Lofe town, where he was placed under quarantine with community residents and others who attended the wake of the Ebola victim.

Mr. Korhene extended thanks and appreciation to the Red Cross and their partners for their intervention in providing food and some items that were distributed to the quarantined community. He appealed to the Government of Liberia and the National Ebola Task Force to come to the assistance of the health team of Margibi County, which is in need of vehicles and other support to ensure that the spread of the virus is contained.

Calls to health authorities of the Bushrod Island community where the Ebola infected corpse originated, yielded no response.


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