Early Jubilation for Abu Kamara in District #15

Abu Bana Kamara shows comfortable lead in the Montserrado County District #15 by-election partial rerun

Urey: “We fought fiercely for better District, better Liberia 

By David S. Menjor and Simeon Wiakanty

Although the National Elections Commission (NEC) is expected to announce the official results from yesterday’s rerun of the 20 polling places recently quarantined due to electoral irregularities said to have taken place on July 29, preliminary results have put Abu Bana Kamara in a decisive lead ahead of Telia Urey.

At all of the six precincts which contained the 20 polling places where the rerun took place, Kamara swept the votes of the people and is comfortably seated to join other Representatives in the 54th Legislature.

Earlier, voters came out in their numbers to cast their votes as the joint security, headed by Patrick Sudue, Inspector General of the Liberia National Police provided maximum security at both the polling centers and all major corridors of Logan Town, the main part of the District where the votes were cast.

At the Donald Kyne Wesleyan School, Kamara received 165 votes at polling place number one, 162 votes for polling place number two, 151 votes for polling place number three and 164 votes for polling place number four while Telia Urey received 66, 79, 61 and 58 respectively.

While the Daily Observer could not reach to the other five precincts, it has reliably gathered that initial tallies at those places also showed Kamara in a comfortable lead.

Urey Concedes?

In what appears to be a consolation message, Telia Urey said: “Against so many odds and evil, we fought fiercely! Not for personal gains, but for a better district and a better Liberia.

“We may have lost this election, but we have won the confidence and trust of our people. Our fight will continue for the rest of our lives!

“To our supporters, we can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve put into this process. Our struggle for your lives to get better has just begun! You can always count on me to be there!

“I pray that the end of this election brings peace to the District! D-15, I love you!”

‘Continue Lawrence’s Vision’

The ‘partial’ rerun in Montserrado District #15, on account of electoral irregularities or attempted vote compromise, as ruled by the NEC election dispute hearing office, is the first of its kind in Liberia’s electoral history.

One of the voters at the Donald Kyne Wesleyan School, Jemama Walker, said she was pleased about the calm atmosphere of the partial rerun of the by-election in the District.

“It is my prayer that whoever wins takes the interest of all of us at heart. We have numerous challenges here ranging from poor sanitation to flooding and lack of safe drinking water in most of our neighborhoods,” Walker said.

She added that a number of school-going children, including hers, may not attend school this year if nothing is done to help them.

Polling Precinct in Montserrado County District 15

“I want whoever of the two candidates that wins to continue the vision of the late Adolph A. Lawrence. He was on a very important mission and that is educating young people so that they become productive citizens and take ownership of their own community affairs,” she said.

John Tumbey, an old man in his early seventies, who went out to vote at the Rev. Samuel T. Kun A.G.M School polling center, said the people of District #15 are deeply hurt by the loss of Rep. Adolph Lawrence but are not short of hope that someone, be it Urey or Kamara, will properly fill the shoes of the late Rep. Lawrence as the Representative of the District.

“Me, I don’t have a special person to say [that] I like him or her over the other, but I want good things to happen to our District. We are suffering. If we don’t get someone who will care for us, we will feel bad more than we did when we lost Adolph Lawrence,” Tumbey said.

Where did candidates vote?

Abu Kamara cast his vote at The Door Christian Fellowship Church in Sayon Town but there was nowhere traced when it came to Telia Urey voting.

Several individuals, most of who are supporters of Abu Kamara informed the Daily Observer that Telia Urey had no voting right in District #15 even though she has campaigned vigorously over the weeks to become their Lawmaker.

Kamara also noted that his opponent, Urey, registered in District #12 in 2017 to vote instead of District #15.

“She is a stranger to District #15. This is why she has no voice here. She does not live here,” he alleged.

Urey has long dismissed claims by Kamara and his supporters that she is a stranger to District #15. She said she lives in Caldwell and has a business running in the District.

She did not state what kind of business she owns in the District, however.

Urey could not be reached yesterday for comment, even though phone calls and text messages were sent. When asked, her supporters could neither admit nor deny that she has a voter card for Ditrict #15 and was available to vote.

Voters queue in Montserrado County District 15

Close of polls and release of preliminary results

The streets of Logan Town and its environs were dominated with celebrations. The celebrants, when asked why they took to the strrets to jubilate ahead of the official announcement of results, each of them told journalists that they do not need any magician or official result to know that Abu Kamara has overwhelmingly defeated Telia Urey.

They danced and sang several political songs as well as beat drums and cooking utensils, including cook pots’ tops and spoons.

At some point, a group of the celebrants blocked the streets with their merry making for the anticipated victory of their candidate. Police had to step in to unblock the main routes for used by moving vehicles.

Meanwhile, the National Elections Commission (NEC) will on Thursday, August 29, 2019, announce the final result of the Montserrado County District #15 Representative By-election.

A NEC release says the announcement of the total result will be at the NEC Headquarters in Monrovia beginning at 12 p.m.


  1. And finally the senseless violence and brutality that was waged against Telia’s innocent supporters, has achieved its goals.

    The primary reason for those attacks in the first instance, was to instill fear and intimidation among her potential voters; as the result, many of them would finally stay home fearing that they could lose their lives if they got out there to vote for her.

    The mayhem against the deputy police director, threats of assassination on Telia’s life, destruction of private vehicles, and threats to commit arson against the opposition party’s headquarters, came as the result of the reckless utterances of the president. If these events occurred for only a district by-election, then can anyone predict what would happen during the 2023 presidential elections?

  2. Ummmmmm… Once victory, there’s always a cry. It would had been the other way round. What would had been said?
    This is Africa, no one can concede honorably in a contest.

  3. a win by intimidation. Urey supporter were not stupid enough to show their faces in district 15. they would have their cars burned and be beaten to a pulp. Telia, dont ever come back there. Never come back this is CDC territory

  4. Abu Kamara is an admitted rogue, yet people in District 15 still voted for him. This should you tell you something about Liberians, that most of us don’t value good character and we encourage thieves to be our leaders, and when they steal the mat under us, we cry. We are our own enemies.

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